Shopping In Iceland: TOP Useful Souvenirs from Reykjavik

There is nothing better than interesting souvenirs! Do you like buying souvenirs? What about magnets, statues, wall plates and other small things? You know, there are many people, who do not like buying and getting such useless souvenirs. Travelling to Iceland, be ready to by just useful souvenirs. Everything is what the doctor ordered!

Winter Clothes: 66 North

There is saying in Iceland: If the weather is bad, you should wait a moment until it becomes worse. As a matter of fact, the weather is not very cold. It is rather wet than cold and frosty. The winter temperature is no lower than 10 degrees, in summer – 20 degrees. The main problem is wind. It is strong and chilling. It takes you about 10 minutes to start quaking with cold. Natives like their weather. They are active sportsmen, including running, climbing mountains, skiing, independently from the season of a year.

Of course, you can easily rent car in Reykjavik to get to one or another place you need. Locals also like driving. Nevertheless, they are dressed correctly: 66 North brand clothes. The brand 66 North was created in 1926 by Hans Christiansen. It was specialized in special clothes for Iceland fishermen, who spend the big part of their life in the sea – extremeе conditions.


The clothes from 66 North is specialized in winter sport equipment and clothes (skiing, skating, snowboarding) and everyday clothes. Their collections include different things: light but wind protective jackets, pants, keeping you warm in any condition. You can also buy water resistant jackets, T-shirts, gloves. The clothes of this brand are high technology, comfortable for skaters, skiers, snowboarders, and others who used to spend lot of time in the open air. There is no better variant, travelling through Iceland.

Speaking about prices, they are attractive and wise. The winter jacket costs about 419 EUR, pants – 130 EUR, hat – 30 EUR. If you want, you can find more information about this brand on their website.

Lopapeysa and other Lopi Goods

Lopapeysa is not only national Iceland sweater made of sheep wool, decorated with original ornament! It is a real fashion phenomenon! You cannot find any other as popular clothes as lopapeysa is. As a rule, natives wear hand-made lopi clothes. There are many shops where you can buy lopi sweaters. Reykjavik is full of many little shops, attractive for tourists. The sweater costs about 50-90 EUR. The variety of models and colors is impressive. Which of them do you prefer?

Remember that lapapeysa is made of sheep wool. It is very comfortable and warm. It is better to put it on above the sweater or T-short. You can find more information on the website. You have a chance to buy not only lopi clothes in Reykjavik, but woolen socks, gloves. They are also warm, made of sheep wool Want to buy anything soft and comfortable? Pay attention to socks and gloves made of rabbit wool. Of course, it is not very warm, but comfortable and pleasant.

Hand-knit sweater

Iceland Cosmetics: PURITY HERBS and BLUE LAGOON

Iceland cosmetics are also worth saying. The point is that Iceland girls make cosmetics, using herbs and other natural ingredients that are easy to find in their territory. As the result of this, they make natural and ecologic cosmetics. The bright and attractive representative of natural cosmetics is Iceland brand Purity Herb. You can easily read description and order cosmetics of their website.

The creams and other items are made of herbs that are growing in the North of Iceland. You know, this brand has many followers. People like aromatic body lotion and protective cream from Purity Herbs. There is also special cosmetics line made of shark fat to protect your skin from cold.

What do you know about Blue Lagoon cosmetics? Actually, natives do not like this brand. They say that Blue Lagoon is produced in Norway. So, it cannot be the true Iceland cosmetics. The wrapping is not ecological. And the components are not natural as it was said before. Nevertheless, you will be pleased with effective creams and lotions. What about ingredients?


Blue Lagoon is popular thermal bath in Iceland. The base of Blue Lagoon cosmetics is thermal water, clay and water plants. It looks and smells natural! The most popular product of this brand is Algae mask – remedy for beauty and freshness. The mask is made of water plants, minerals and white clay. Try it! You skin will be shiny and fresh, removing all marks of fatigue. Just close your eyes and relax. You should also buy shampoo and shower gel from Blue Lagoon. The next impressive product is moisten serum Hydrating 24h serum. The texture is light and easy.

Shoes from KRON

Iceland designers are characterized with unusual prints and fashion. They cannot be stopped from surprising people with new popular models. It is really surprising! Many people think that Iceland clothes items are predicted to surprise people more and more. There is one interesting brand that is worth saying. Pay attention to Kron – design shoes from Iceland. Actually, Kron means not only shoes, but clothes. Of course, shoes are impressive! Do you like stylish shoes and massive high boots of different forms? It looks stylish and eye-catching!


Iceland is not cheap country. It is unique in every small thing, including goods and products: clothes, cosmetics, volcanic lava, shark meat, food delicacies and other things. Iceland surprises you on every step. Looking for souvenirs, think about worthy things. Do not be in a hurry to buy magnets in the souvenir shop. Try to read this article to the end and think of really worthy things: clothes, shoes and cosmetics.

You may use internet to learn prices, number of goods and assortment. You must be ready for shopping, choosing something special in this severe but hospitable country. So, one of the souvenirs that you are offered to buy is absolutely necessary thing during your vacation. Never miss chance to start Iceland shopping from useful and high quality products.

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