How To Register A New Company In India?


Registering a start-up or a new business in India is essential to conduct business in this country’s highly dynamic market that is full of opportunities. Registration ensures your company’s legal presence in the country, and requires you to fill appropriate forms, which are submitted to MCA (ministry of Corporate Affairs). Aside from an Indian company, registration of a foreign company is also compulsory in India to start operating.

How To Register A New Company In India?

Following documents should be checked before filling an application:

  • DSC i.e. Digital Signature Certificate.
  • DIN (Director Identification Number) of all directors of your proposed company.
  • Original copy of formal letter issued by ROC confirming availability of Company name.

There are two options for a new company registration in India:

Option 1:

  • Fill the Form INC-29- Integrated Incorporation Form.
  • This is for fast track company registration.
  • If required, RBI approval for foreign companies investing in India and FIPB approval.
  • Following types of companies can be registered by this method:
    • Private limited company
    • Limited company
    • One person company (OPC)
    • Producer company

Option 2:

Step: 1

File Form INC-1 to apply for your company name that has to be registered.

Once you get the approval, file incorporation forms as per your company type.

Step: 2

Following forms have to be filed:

  1. File Form INC-7 for application of incorporation of a company other than OPC.
  2. File Form INC-2 for application for incorporation of OPC.
  3. File Form INC-22 for notice of location or change of location of the company, depending on the option selected in Form INC-7.
  4. The timeline for filing Form INC-22 is within 30 days of the date of Incorporation of OPC (In case the address provided in Form INC-22 differ from the registered address) or other than OPC (in case, not filed earlier).
  5. Form DIR-12 to declare particulars of directors as well as key managers and any variations among them.

Note: OPC would be required to file this form only if promoter is not the sole Director or in case more than one Director is present in an OPC.

Foreign company registration:

Foreign companies can get business opportunities in India by establishing its place after registration. A foreign firm needs to fill eForm FC-1, which should be digitally signed by the authorized representatives of the company.

For a foreign company, there’s no need to obtain DIN. However, they must register the DSC of the authorized representative of the foreign company through associate DSC services, offered by MCA portal.

Some helpful tips:

  • In order to, register a company in India hassle-free, it is advised to hire an experienced consultant.
  • There could be many service providers, but find a reliable company registration consultant in Delhi if you want to keep the entire process smooth.
  • Not only they help with necessary documentation, but also offer prompt customer services that ensure your complete peace of mind.

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