How To Care For Your Curly Virgin Hair Extensions

If you’re planning to get hair extensions, it doesn’t matter what type of Virgin Indian Hair Extensions you decide to you have in your hair, all of them requires some hair care and protection. There are few things that one can do, to care for their hair extensions and keep them beautiful, strong and healthy. One has to take care of hair extensions much more than that of original hair.

How To Care For Your Curly Virgin Hair Extensions

How to Wash Hair if using curly hair extensions?

  • Shampoo and condition your hair once a week with a good deep conditioner of a known product line.
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry smoothly after washing your hair.
  • Shampoo your hair in a downward motion.
  • Don’t rub your hair against other hair strands, this prevents hair from breakage.

Specific Care to be taken for curly hair extensions 

After washing your curly hair extensions, you can separate it into small sections and either you can use a wide tooth comb or a brush to gently comb out each section of your damp locks. You can spray your curly hair extensions and leave them on with a conditioner or a curl activator solution. Apart from all this, your curls will naturally take shape so you don’t have to put very much product in your locks.

Also, it’s very important to remember not to crumple or try to curl your curly hair extensions

With your hands in order to improve your curls. One is advised not to do so as rubbing hair against other sections of your hair can result in breakage of the hair cuticles. Instead you can run your hands through small sections of your hair extensions at a time, from the roots to the tips. It is fairly easy as you’ve already combed them gently. If your curly hair extensions aren’t that wet, you can shake the damp hair back and forth in order to create more curl.

All through this process the goal is to prevent frizz and keep your curly hair extensions

Vigorous and strong. The best thing that you can do is to mostly let it dry on its own. Heat is your enemy because it dry’s out the curly hair extensions and generates frizz. Conditioning your hair extensions daily with a hair conditioner will keep your hair moist and hydrated. But don’t overdo it as it will make your scalp and hair too oily.

Deep condition your hair 3- 4 times a month, this will help keeping your extensions last a really very long time. If your use your blow dryer with your diffuser set on low heat, your curls take some other form. One can also straighten curly hair extensions  with a hair straightened.

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