Facts You Should Know About ISO 17025 NABL Accreditation

Facts You Should Know About ISO 17025 NABL Accreditation

NABL’s full form stands for the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories. It is an autonomous organization which was created under the ministry of science and technology of the India’s government. This government body is registered under and with the Societies Registration Act 1860. Also, it’s an authorized body which awards ISO 17025 NABL accreditation. ISO 17025 is a global standard which had been introduced by the International Electro Technical Commission.

Objectives of NABL:

  • NABL Accreditation provides you with an avenue for the third party quality and competence assessment of calibration laboratories
  • It also helps out the Government, industry as well as the public in general by providing third party assessments.
  • It helps in putting in place some internationally acceptable standards in respect of services provided by calibration laboratories in the country as well as abroad.
  • They awarding ISO 17025 accreditation to eligible laboratories.

Training & Orientation:

In the process of providing quality services, it is also necessary and important for the laboratories to obtain ISO 17025 NABL training. Just because, ISO 17025 is equivalent to ISO 9000 the training will be good for any calibration laboratory of the industry.

Benefits of this training are:

  • It helps them in dealing with customers with correct and neat precision and accuracy.
  • It improves good will.
  • It also increases the brand value of the laboratory that is concerned.
  • ISO 17025 NABL training is even more important for in house laboratories as they always have to produce assured results with the help of NABL Accreditation Consultants.
  • It helps the laboratory as a part of the overall organization to comply with the prescribed standards and to operate according to them.
  • Certification to ISO 900 itself is not a testimonial to the competence of the laboratory.
  • Its ability to produce data ad well as results is technically valid.
  • All these Laboratories also require ISO 17025 certification which confirms their competence levels.
  • Such trainings are offered by leading NABL Accreditation Consultants in the field and the only task of yours is to cut out at choosing the right ISO 17025 consultant suitable according to your needs and budget.

Laboratories That Can Seek NABL Accreditation:

Laboratories that have been legally registered can seek the 17025 accreditation. It does not matter if they constitute part of big organization or are purely independent entities. NABL has the authority to accredit both private as well as government laboratories that undertake any type of calibration testing on specific items.

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