Benefits Of Joint Commission Accreditation For A Healthcare

Whether it is a healthcare or educational organization, accreditation plays an important role because accreditation is a process of quality assurance in which services and quality of organizations are checked by some external body so as to identify whether it meets the applicable standards or not. The Joint Commission accreditation is basically done for accrediting different types of healthcare programs like ambulance facilities, hospitals, home care facilities, academic medical centers, etc. Every healthcare organization may take around two years in preparing for the Joint Commission Accreditation. To prepare for this accreditation, an organization needs to apply high quality services that are the requirements for meeting the standards. There are various benefits of JCI Accreditation that you must know.


Benefits of JCI Accreditation for Healthcare Programs:

  1. It helps healthcare organizations to improve and organize high quality services for the safety of patients because patient’s safety is the main focus of Joint Commission standards.
  2. It helps to strengthen the confidence of the community in terms of treatment, services, and care.
  • The accreditation also helps healthcare organization to stand in the competitive marketplace and helps to secure the business.
  1. If any healthcare organization has JCI accreditation, it helps to decrease the insurance coverage costs by improving risk management efforts.
  2. Joint Commission helps to provide training and education for enhancing business operation in various ways.
  3. Surveyors of the Joint Commission are experienced professionals and so provides expert advice to the staff during the time of survey.
  • Surveyors of the Joint Commission are expert professionals and belong to different healthcare industries and so every organization is assigned a different surveyor that suits to their facilities and services.
  • The joint commission also helps to improve the process of recruitment staff members so as to improve the quality of services and operations of healthcare organizations.
  1. There are many healthcare organizations that don’t need to undergo any type of government quality inspection for Medicaid certification if they already have JCI accreditation. So, it helps organizations to stay away from burdens of state regulatory agency surveys.
  2. It has been found that in some markets, to apply for insurance reimbursement and to participate in managed care plans, accreditation is an eligibility criterion.
  3. Accreditation procedure helps healthcare organization to prepare for a survey so that it could meet up with their standards of quality and compliance. It also helps to guide organizations on improving the quality of services.
  • Any healthcare organization that is accreditated by JCI becomes one of the reputed healthcare organization and is expected to grow more in the future.
  • Joint Commission provides tools to healthcare organizations like targeted solutions tool which helps an organization to measure its performance.

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