Amazing Health Benefits Of Egg Shells

Amazing Health Benefits Of Egg Shells

Eggshell membranes contain substances like Glucosamine and hyaluronic acid, which improve joint elasticity. It is a super food, very rich in calcium and It is made from calcium carbonate.

Eggshells rich in minerals, the predominant calcium, which is a 90% (average size of an egg has 750-800 mg of calcium). Other minerals that are found in significant proportions in the egg shell, such as zinc, iron, copper, manganese, phosphorus, fluorine, chlorine, silicon, sodium, potassium, zinc, gelatin, collagen, and molybdenum. At the same time, the Eggshell membrane protein was found to contain the crosslinking amino acids such as methionine, cysteine, lysine, Isoleucine.

The shell makes up 9-12 percent of an egg’s total weight, and it contains calcium carbonate, an “ingredient” Gastric antacids important. Wealth hidden in the egg shell comes from the 27 micronutrients that can be absorbed by the body. Studies have shown that the composition of the egg shells helps to maintain healthy teeth. Therefore, eggshells have the ability to provide the calcium needed to re-mineralize teeth and make them more powerful.

Eggshells helps to get rid of many health problems, including:

Joint Pain

Eggshell membranes containing substances such as Glucosamine and hyaluronic acid that improves joint flexibility. Thus, the egg shells have been used in the treatment of arthritis, it is useful in reducing joint pain.


Egg shells are effective in the treatment of congenital dysplasia of the hip or osteoporosis. Studies have shown that egg shell powder reduces osteoarthritis pain, increase mobility and stop the loss of bone density in postmenopausal women if.

Treat Ulcers and Gastritis

The calcium carbonate in the eggshell acts as a gastric antacid, being an effective remedy disorders, gastric ulcers and gastritis. Wash the rind of two eggs, grind very fine, add three tablespoons of lemon juice and half a glass of warm milk. you can consume twice daily, morning and evening.

Remedy to Blood cleaning

Minerals that are found in the eggshell help to restore a lack of calcium in your blood. Wash the five eggs peel, chop it finely and add the powder in two liters of water. Drink two cups daily. You can also add a few drops of lemon. can be kept safely refrigerated for 7 days.:

Wash egg shells in lukewarm water to remove whites, being careful not to remove the membrane because it contains important nutrients. Take away from water and put it in dry place. Once the egg shells are completely dry, you can add them in a blender or a coffee grinder to get a powder (preferably coffee grinder). Add ½ eggshell powder in your favorite drink, milk or smoothies. To get a good amount of calcium citrate.

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