All That You Need To Know About FC Goa Team


The Indian Super League, popularly known as ISL, has been around since 2013. With prominent players from the country and around the world participating in the league, it is gaining recognition for its teams worldwide. The teams that are a part of the Indian Super League are created for different cities and have players from across the country playing in the same.

One of these prominent teams is FC Goa. Having reached the semi-finals in its very first season and the finals in the second season, FC Goa has been under scrutiny ever since the league began. With great players and a consistently strong team, FC Goa has managed to reach a good standing every year in the tables. So what do you know about FC Goa?

The Owners

FC Goa is owned by the Goan Football Club Pvt Ltd and this, in turn, is owned by Venugopal Dhoot, Jaydev Mody and one of the best Indian cricket players, Virat Kohli. It was launched In August 21104 and has been consistently playing in each league since then.

The Coach

The head coach and the manager of the FC Goa team, has been the Brazilian footballer Arthur Antunes Coimbra (Zico) since the team was put together in 21014. He is one of the top most Brazilian players in the world and is known for his legendary tactics.

The Marquee Player

The Marquee player for the FC Goa team was decided in the second season and hasn’t been changed since. The World Cup winner, UEFA Champions League winner and a former Brazilian skipper, Lucio is world-renowned and is now the marquee player for the team.

The place

With the Jawaharlal Stadium being the home ground for FC Goa, the stadium in Fatorda, Goa is always surrounded by loyal fans and supporters and can host up to 20,000 fans in one go!

The mascot

The Gaur or the Indian Bison is the popular mascot for the FC Goa team. This is because the Gaur represents, strength, agility, and attack. Along with the Gaur, the mascot also has a shield which represents, strength and defence. The two together showcase the attitude and the stance of FC Goa.

The colours

The colors of the FC Goa team are blue and orange. This significance of this is that it represents the colors of the rising sun in the morning over the beautiful Goan beaches and is something that everyone holds so dearly to their hearts. The colors truly stand for what Goa is about; strength as well as beauty.

The Brand Ambassador

Every team needs a Brand Ambassador and if Virat Kohli is not enough to convince you then maybe Varun Dhawan can.

The players of the team are predominantly Indian, and with an HD TV channel dedicated to the team to give their loyal fans live updates and more, FC Goa is definitely a team to watch out for in every season. For more FC Goa News, you can check out the live updates section and stay up to date on everything!

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