7 Unexpected Things You’ll Learn While Traveling

Things you’ll learn while Traveling

Traveling is always a great pleasure. I may have some expectations every time you go on a new trip. But there can happen a lot of unexpected things as well. Here are 7 unexpected things you will learn in your travels.

1. You’ll love places, some you’ll hate

Some places are overrated! They look pristine and mesmerizing on blogs and TV, but when you set foot on the place, it’s a disappointment. So guys, lower your expectations and even though you didn’t like the place much, the experience of going there is still worth your time and effort.

2. Things won’t always go as planned

You’ll forget directions; you’ll ride the wrong train or bus, some of your stuff will get lost/stolen, a load of your bags will wear you down, the heat or cold will seep through your skin, etc. You know, some things are inevitable. No matter how hard you plan, some things will never go your way. So be prepared, relax and let things be. You can’t do anything about it so just laugh it off and LEARN from it!

3. You’ll discover new ways of traveling

Hopping to and from the plane is the most convenient way of traveling, but as you travel more, you’ll discover other ways of transportation such as transferring from bus to bus, riding the train or a mix of everything. That’ll give you the real thrill and adventure.

7 Unexpected Things You’ll Learn While Traveling

4. Goodbyes are the hardest

It’s hard to say goodbye to a long-time friend or lover, but it’s hardest when, in the few days you spent on a place you fell in love with, you just want to stay there like, forever. There’s no better feeling than finally belonging and identifying with a place, so when it’s time to go, you just can’t bring yourself to say goodbye. But the good part is that you can always come back, and it’ll be a better you every time.

5. You learn to appreciate the little things

Since traveling means a little preceding of the comforts of your home, you’ll learn to appreciate the little comforts you’ll have while traveling- like trash cans, comfortable beds , cushioned seats and much more. This is a good experience and will teach you life skills. And when you get home, you’ll just feel grateful for your soft, warm bed and everything.

6. You’ll meet new people

Of course, you wouldn’t think of isolating yourself, right? Hey, no man is an island.  Along the way, you’ll make friends with strangers. It could be anyone – the man who helped you put your bags in the overhead bin, the woman who sat across you on the bus, the vendor who sold you souvenirs. It’s an endless list. The great part is, in my opinion, is hearing their life stories and lessons. You’ll learn a lot, believe me.

7. You’ll try new things

Okay, so this is already expected. Aside from seeing the places, this is the second most exciting expectation. You’ll try new food, new activities, you’ll get drunk the way you never did before, you’ll party like there’s no tomorrow, you’ll sore your feet from the longest walk of your life, and there are so many things to look forward to.

These are some unexpected things you may learn in your travels. To make your travels hassle-free, consider having one of these lightweight suitcases.

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