5 Juicing Recipes For Diabetics That Will Actually Lower Your Blood Glucose Level

5 Juicing Recipes For Diabetics That Will Actually Lower Your Blood Glucose Level

Juicing has become increasingly popular but especially so for diabetics. It can provide nutrition and hydration. One of the best weight loses diet for your health. Diabetes is a chronic illness that requires continuing medical care. Juice from fresh fruits contains antioxidants and phytochemicals that control your blood pressure. Here are the best juices for your health.

Potato Juice

People with diabetes, potato juice is an effective remedy in treating Diabetics disease. You can consume with other juices of vegetables. Doctor’s recommended, A 150ml glass of fruit Potato juice per day. In case of diabetes with obesity, it is recommended to drink before 15-20 minutes a main meal  with 25-30 ml of potato juice. A mixture of potato juice, and carrot juice is beneficial in the treatment of gastritis.

Green Beans

It is recommended to treat diabetics, with tonic, hepatic and pancreatic and helps to manage your blood sugar levels. People who are suffering with diabetes. They should consume daily 80-100 ml green bean juice. Green bean juice is recommended in treating not only diabetes. But also gout, kidney stones, rheumatism.

Tomato Juice

It is a juice with a large number of therapeutic virtues, namely in anemia, anorexia, cardiovascular diseases, chronic poisoning, biliary stones, urinary stones, obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, constipation. It is recommended to drink 3 glasses of potato juice per day for 30 days.

Apple Juice

Raw apple juice contains enough amount of vitamin C,  One of the best nervous system tonic, for the excellent blood depurative, good laxative and is recommended in treating: asthenia and mental anemia,Rheumatoid Arthritis and Pregnancy, quince, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and liver disease. Diet with Apple juice helps to reduce the fat around pot belly.

Apple cider vinegar has specific qualities of a food-medicine: It can treat primary infertility, arthritis, degenerative disorders, atherosclerosis, obesity, neuroses, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, heart disease. It is useful in constipation treatment, liver and kidney diseases. Apple cider vinegar helps to cure everything from the hiccups to the common cold.

Orange Juice

It is very rich in vitamin C that helps improve your blood vessel functions. Helps protect your tissues and cells from oxidative damage.

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