Understanding SEO Best Practices

There are a nhumber of best practices that we need to implement. So we are able to achieve higher relevant traffic. As an example, we should avoid stuffing too much keywords into meta tags, which could potentially cause penalization. Search engines easily ignore any excessive use of keywords. Meta tags are useful only for notifying search engine bots about primary keywords of our website. They don’t have any effect in boosting our search engine ranking.

It’s also important to be aware that search engine positions are not guaranteed, despite our huge budget and hard work. There could still be people who have higher budget and work harder to compete for higher ranking positions for specific keywords. It means that we should find keywords with low and moderate competition, but could still provide us with enough traffic. There should be proper balance, between level of competition and traffic potentials.

Again, no SEO companies can guarantee top position in search engine results, especially with Google. Even for highly competitive keywords, achieving first page positions can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. For this reason, it is important to perform keyword research, so we will be able to come up with the best, relevant keywords. This research will allow us to perform cost-effective SEO campaign, that provides the best possible resilts.

Another important SEO practice is by not repeating keywords in our webpage too much. Excessive repetition of keywords could cause penalization. Our rank could go lower, if we use too many keywords, in our webpages. It is a basic requirement to prevent our website from being flagged as spam. It’s getting really hard to fool search engine algorithms, because they simply smarter than ever. The best way is still to provide unique content for our audience.

It is also considered best practice to continue doing SEO work even if we are able to obtain enough traffic. New websites and other competitors are aiming to take our spot. They can achieve this, if they have excellent content and enough references from external websites, through relevant and naturally-made backlinks. Link trading is another thing that people often do when they want to improve their SEO performance.

However, link trading is considered as an unnatural way to gain inbound links. Google and other major search engines don’t want us to gain links artificially. If we trade links too much, it is possible that we will be penalized. It is very easy for search engines to detect direct link trading activities. Reciprocal links could be detected and they may have little or no values in boosting SEO performance. This will cause slower achievements.

Another good SEO practice is by creating sitemap and using it. The most common way is by submitting the URL of our sitemap to search engine. If we use content management system, sitemap is generated automatically. This will allow bots to easily crawl our website and all, if not most of our webpages will be indexed.

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