Travel Tips: 15 Hidden Secrets Of Lisbon

Lisbon is a heart of Portuguese. The city is full of different secrets. What are the secret places of Lisbon, almost free from tourists and big crowds? First of all, they are old markets, ancient churches, cinemas, unusual museums and other places that are difficult to find in the tourist guides.

Mercado Alvalade Norte

You can find this old market not far from the Avenida da Igreja – city square. This is the market, where locals usually buy food from farmers. This place differs from all supermarkets: the atmosphere is old, but fruits and vegetables are always fresh. You should buy dried cod – popular Portuguese dish. There are also bakeries in the market territory, where you can buy fresh bread and pastry.

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Mercado Feira da Ladra

Feira da Ladra is the only one big junk market in Lisbon that started working in the 13th century. It is easy to find as the market is close to the monumental city building – National Pantheon. Oh, do not ask, where the goods came from! You can meet everything on the counter: old and new clothes, jewelry, books and other bits and pieces. You should walk down the street to find something special.

Sao Jorge – Old Way Movie

Sao Jorge is one of classical cinemas that you can still find in Lisbon. It was the biggest movie hall in 1950. The cinema has become the place for festivals and other events. You can visit the festival of French, Italian or Spanish cinema, theatre performances and concerts.

Carmo Archeological Museum

As you know, Lisbon was almost destroyed in 1755. Carmo was built in 1389. This is a beautiful gothic church that was carefully restored. This is a museum in the open air. The archeological exposition is represented of Roman and Middle Aged artifacts. This is also a place for big concerts and festivals.

Carriages Museum

This is the only one Royal Museum of elegant carriages. This is a popular place, but many tourists forget visiting this area for different reasons. The atmosphere is special not only because of rare collection, but elegant ceiling painting. The carriages that are represented in the museum are well-decorated. Most of them are decorated with gold and sculptures. They are chic!


Amoreiras Reservoir

The old reservoir Amoreiras is situated close to the park of the same name. It is opened for visiting just in special occasions. This place is used for private parties and thematic exhibitions. The interior consists of huge marble columns and big pool in the middle. There is also an old fountain. Climb the roof and watch the admirable view.

Torel Garden

Torel is probably the biggest secret garden in Lisbon. Everyone knows about it but few people visited this place. Torel is situated on a big hill. This is the green territory with the fountains and statues. You can have a rest on a cozy bench and meet architecture of the 18th century.

Tapada das Necessidades

Tapada is the most beautiful garden in Lisbon. That was a favorable place for Royal hunt. You can walk through the big green territory the whole day, learning something new and interesting. There is a place for picnic.

Out Jazz

Out Jazz is a popular jazz festival. This is time when you can meet jazz musicians, playing their special music in the parks all over the city. You can take all you need for picnic and go to enjoy music. The idea is good. So, the festival is very popular event. The concerts usually start at 6 p.m.

Chafariz do Vinho

The wine collection is placed in the monumental city building of the 18th century. You can have your excursion and degustation here. This is the best place to meet local wines. The most interested Portuguese wines are gathered together in this collection. Never miss happy hours to taste more wine!


Bar K Urban Beach

This is a bar on Tagus River. You should visit this place during sunset. The view is more than beautiful. This bar works just three months a year – from June till September. It is the best place in Lisbon to relax on the sofa, drinking tasty wine. Come and see!

Camponesa de Santa Catarina Restaurant

Meet a small restaurant with Portuguese cuisine. The interior is urban: tiled walls, soup in the pot and big wooden table for a big company. The portions are huge and the food is tasty and substantial. The bottle of wine costs about 5 EUR. People come here for dinner or late dinner.

Confeitaria Nacional

Do you like pastry? Meet a nice cozy confectionary! The interior is old, including big mirrors and shiny counters. What do you want? – You may try aromatic chocolate, sweet marzipans, hot Portuguese cakes, and orange nougat. People come for breakfast or lunch. There is nothing better than drinking coffee in such a special place.

Baixa House

This is a building, where 12 different flats are situated. The building is more than 300 years old! This is the combination of old life and modern design, like amazing tile on the wall, wooden floor or striped carpets. There is also a balcony, where you may your morning coffee and buns.

Beach Portinho da Arrаbida

This is the most beautiful beach not far from Lisbon. There is a bay, surrounded with yellow sand and azure water. There is also another beach – Coelhos. This is a perfect place for snorkeling. You need to hire a car in Lisbon to get there. Public transport is not available in this picturesque area.

Lisbon 9/2012

Are you tired? There is one more place left. Try to visit the ancient church – Sao Domingos. It is situated in the center of Lisbon, dated on the 18th century. The interior, wall paints and frescos were not restored after the big fire. The church is still alive. People come here regularly to see burnt grey walls, defected altar, cracked ceiling. You can feel light smoke everywhere. This is a place of real history! It is more interesting than rich decorations and chic furniture.

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