Tips For Transforming Your Backyard Into A Living Space

Tips For Transforming Your Backyard Into A Living Space

Most people forget how useful their backyards can be—with the right vibe, it can be your family’s chosen hangout spot, a place to entertain guests, and even a way to make you money! Check out these inexpensive tips to transform your  into new your new favorite space!

Tips For Transforming Your Backyard Into A Living Space


One of the best features of a backyard is the patio; it’s hard to get people to want to congregate on grass, so building a patio or deck is key for backyard entertaining. You can install one yourself pretty easily to save labor costs, or get a multi-level custom designed deck installed by experts to really wow your guests.


There’s nothing quite like relaxing on comfortable patio furniture in the shade of an umbrella. When purchasing backyard furniture, make sure you get comfy chairs and cushions (store testing is mandatory!) to encourage people to sit back and relax. Try placing some furniture in twos and threes to encourage mingling.


Once you have the seating figured out, you want to create a relaxing ambiance. Twinkly lights strung along your fence can make your backyard feel magical, while ground torches can help guide guests along paths without making the backyard feel too bright. Keep lots of candles around for added mood lighting!

Focal Point

If your neighborhood allows it, consider adding a fire pit or a wood-burning stove as a type of center-piece to your backyard. This addition will transform it into a space that you can enjoy for even more months of the year. You and your family will love cozying up to the stove on cooler evenings!

DIY Swing

Swing sets are fun for the kids, but they can take up a lot of space in backyards. A more unique option is converting an old chair or tire into a swing; it saves space, and your kids will adore it. You’ll definitely impress your guests with your DIY story!


If you feel like there’s something missing from your backyard, it’s probably more plants. Gardens create a lush feel that you simply can’t recreate otherwise. Plant tall flowers along your fence to make your backyard feel like a secluded garden, and vegetable and fruit gardens in unused areas to make your backyard feel full and complete. Bonus: you’ll save on grocery bills!

Granny Flat

Maybe you have tons of extra space in your backyard and aren’t sure how to fill it. Granny Flat Builders is the perfect solution to make your backyard work for you. You can create a custom design for your backyard, and once complete, rent it out for a profit using their online marketplace.

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