Symptoms That Indicate Your Body Lacks Calcium

Symptoms That Indicate Your Body Lacks Calcium

Calcium is one of the important mineral in your body. It is essential for maintaining the necessary level of bone mass, helps to prevent  osteoporosis deficiency of calcium linked to the insomnia. Drinking a glass of milk that is enough to get your daily dose of calcium. Tooth decay also one of the another sign of calcium deficiency in the body.

Cardiac Disorders

Calcium greatly affects the cardiac rhythm and intensity. lack of calcium can cause palpitations and arrhythmias. Calcium deficiency can cause abnormal heart rhythms.

Memory Loss

This is another symptom that indicates a lack of calcium in the body. Calcium is important for healthy bones and teeth.  loss of concentration and difficulty to store some information.

Bone Diseases

Bone diseases increase your risk of breaking bones. because the lack of calcium causes bone development delays. it will not receive the support needed to grow and develop, especially in young children. Calcium helps  to keep bones strong as you grow older,  lack of  calcium in body. affects bone density and increase susceptibility to osteoporosis and fractures.

Disorders of the Skin, Hair and Nail

These disorders manifest by the appearance of dry skin and thickening it. Nails become brittle, easily and peeling them will be increasingly more pronounced. Regarding the hair, it will weaken, will become brittle and begin to fall.

If you cannot figure out why your hair and nails grow more difficult compared to other people, it is possible to deal with a lack of calcium.

Lack of Appetite

It is one of the  common symptom of several diseases is one that indicates a lack of calcium in the body. It is important for maintaining healthy immune system, deficient in calcium are more likely to acquire common respiratory  infections.


Calcium deficiency is slowly becoming a pandemic due to poor nutritional choices. fear can increase stress and fatigue.

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