Interesting Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Even a minor collision or road-side mishap has the potential to result in extensive property damage, costly medical bills or serious long-term injury. The smaller size, reduced visibility and the lack of exterior protection provided by a motorcycle can lead to increased risk for riders who may become the victim of a collision or accident. Riders interested in staying safe and those who are seeking to learn more about how to deal with the consequences of an accident effectively would do well to learn more about some of the most interesting statistics behind recent motorcycle trends and accident data.

Issues Facing Motorcyclists

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, small rural counties in Western Colorado have the largest number of motorcycles per capita within the state. Potential safety issues, such as decreased illumination from exterior sources as well as potential road hazards and rural driving conditions that may place riders at greater risk, are never issues that motorcycle owners can afford to overlook or ignore. Even the most cautious riders can easily find themselves involved in an accident which may occur due to the negligence, inattention of other drivers.

Dealing With an Accident

While complying with the rules of the road, adhering to helmet laws and promoting motorcycle safety awareness among other motorists has resulted in decreased accidents and fatalities according to the NHTSA, even the safest riders may find themselves dealing with an injury, property damage or other issued caused by a collision. Knowing the proper steps to take following a collision can be vital, especially when it comes to filing an insurance claim, legal suit or taking other action in order to obtain financial compensation. Failing to take action quickly and effectively may limit the options that are available to riders and accident victims.

Seeking Financial Assistance and Compensation Following an Accident

The true cost of an accident is often much higher than many riders may realize. From damage done to bikes and other vehicles to medical costs and even lost-wages and earnings stemming from an injury, obtaining financial compensation through a claim or suit can be of paramount importance. Riders who lack suitable legal assistance and representation often find themselves hard pressed to move forward with their efforts and will be more likely to overlook important concerns, like assessing the scene or documenting contributing factors that may have lead to an accident, which may be crucial to ensuring a more favorable ruling or verdict.

Working With the Best Firm

While helmet laws and driver-education programs have the potential to increase overall motorcycle safety in the long run, 2015 saw a record breaking number of motorcycle accident fatalities within the State of Colorado. For riders who have been involved in an accident, seeking legal assistance and scheduling a consultation are concerns that need to be addressed without delay. The legal resources, insight and experience that only the best firm can bring to the table is often a crucial asset when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of an accident.

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