Health Benefits Of Fresh Cranberries

Health Benefits Of Fresh Cranberries

Cranberry is a Native American wetland fruit which grows on trailing vines like a strawberry. Used In traditional medicine. Cranberries are a versatile fruit and used for healing properties. Cranberry leaves contains tannins ( antimicrobial and antioxidant), flavonoids (antioxidants). Used in the preparation of infusions. disease-fighting fruit is one of the highest ranking.

For Urinary Infections

Cranberry plant is a true collection of antibiotic substances having extremely effective in fighting against bacterial infections of the urinary bladder. Some natural substances contained in cranberries (Proanthocyanidins) prevent the bacteria linked to the urinary tract infections, bladder and the walls of the urinary tract.

Low-Calorie Flavor Booster

Many studies found that cranberry is one of the low calorie diet. A single cup of cranberries contains 46 calories. Used in cooking and baking to add a pop of flavor. Very rich in fiber, According to the Mayo Clinic study. Improve your bowel movements, helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels and control blood sugar. Foods high in fiber can also help control.

Flu, Colds

The cranberry tablets help increase immunity, as indicated in the winter to relieve respiratory diseases. Cranberries have a strong antitussive, as gargling with an infusion of cranberry.


University of Massachusetts researchers have found that certain substances obtained from cranberry extract are capable of reducing  causing tumors of the colon and breast cancer.

Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Diseases

Cranberries are rich in antitoxidant, prevents the formation of lipid deposits (atherosclerosis), blood vessels, protects the heart arteries. Studies have shown that regular consumption of cranberry (whatever form, raw fruit / dried, juice, tincture, tablets) prevents the bacteria to settle in the body, reducing the number of infections and strengthen the immune system.

For Tooth Decay and Dental Problems

Proanthocyanidin  prevent fixing the enamel, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay, gingivitis and dental plaque. For all these conditions, it is recommended to rinse the mouth with  infusion of cranberry leaves. you can prepare a mixed solution  of cold soak (leaves kept in the water 24 hours) with a common infusion. Infusion of Cranberry is the most healthy and effective mouthwash.

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