Apple’s New MacBook Pro 2016: Specifications And Features

Apple’s New MacBook Pro 2016 Specifications And Features

Apple announced a long awaited update to its MacBook Pro laptops an event in San Francisco. One device features a 13 inch display and the other device features a 15 inch display. It has designed with a USB-C ports and a Retina display, multi-touch ‘Touch Bar’, OLED touch panel, very thin design. Available in Silver, Space Gray colors.

One of the best feature of this device is especially the Touch ID sensor, that replaces the power keys of a regular QWERTY keyboard. It comes without a power cord. Attention, You probably know, Apple products users often have several brand products. The most common combo is probably MacBook + iPhone. It must be said that Apple has always been to ensure that there is continuity between its incomparable products.

Indeed,  MacBook Pro is precision engineering at its absolute finest. “Touch Bar” which is a multi-touch touchpad and Retina. This is the great novelty of the device.

Apple’s New MacBook Pro 2016 Specifications And Features


Well design quality and excellent display, According to the several tech review sites, MacBook Pro also performs superbly. Better multi taking system and Photoshop.  the so-called entry-level, Pro laptop.

You can connect your MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 ports to other devices. Apple has chosen to include 4 USB Type C. And of course, no adapter is provided. IPhone users who wish to connect their smartphone on the MacBook Pro, have to buy a USB to USB Type C or completely new lightning-USB Type C. In any case, we will have to buy something more.  it is no longer necessary to connect the iPhone to the Mac. Indeed, it is not mandatory when everything goes well, especially the minimalist USB-C MacBook.

Apple’s New MacBook Pro 2016 Specifications And Features

MacBook Pro 13-inch

This device Sports a 13-inch Display with Retina HD 67% brighter, 67% better contrast ratio, 25% more colors, equipped with Intel Core i5 or i7 6th generation, GPU: Intel Iris (integrated in SoC), Trackpad: Force Touch, Keyboard: butterfly + 2nd generation Touch Bar, Connectivity: 3 USB ports Thunderbolt, jack port. Weight about 1.36 kg and Thickness: 14.9 mm. powered by the 49.2-watt-hour lithium-polymer Battery and battery life: up to 10 hours.

MacBook Pro 15-inch

It features a 15-inch Display: Retina HD, 67% brighter, 67% better contrast ratio, 25% more colors, powered by the Processor: Intel Core i7 clocked at 2.6 GHz, GPU Radeon Polaris Pro 4GB, Trackpad: Force Touch, Connectivity: 3 USB ports Thunderbolt Type C 3, jack port, Weight: 1.81 kg, Thickness: 15.5 mm, Battery life: up to 10 hours.

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