A Review Of The Book “Pop Culture Warned Us About Donald Trump”

“Pop Culture Warned Us About Donald Trump” is an e-book by Eric Kleefied about US Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump. It explores the negative things about Trump from the pop culture perspective and characters associated with this culture. A notable thing about the rise of Trump is how unreal it appears. It is as if an animation film character has come to life and defied all political gravity laws. He has gone on to lead a major political party in the race to the White House.


The Trump Book is divided into six parts. In the introduction, Kleefeld begins by discussing how Trump started off in politics. He tries to point out that those who support Trump ignore the fact that the world around them is changing. This makes them perceive things in a backwards light. The author is right on point given that a majority of Americans as well as people from other parts of the world are mystified as to how Trump managed to get where he is in the first place.

Part One

In part one, Kleefeld compares Donald Trump to a character from the classic 1960s television show “Batman called The Penguin”. While this portrayal is more of an opinion, certain segments in the area highlight the similarity. For instance, The Penguin’s chaotic nature is compared to Trump’s personality. The point that Kleefeld is trying to put across is that Trump is more of a comical animation character than someone who can make a good president.

Part 2

“MAD Magazine”, the comical magazine, also makes fun of Trump with several cartoon depictions of him. He was portrayed as the nursery rhyme character known as Humpty Dumpty, with the magazine referring to him as “Trumpty Dumpty”. There is a lines that talks about Trumpty Dumpty wanting a wall, in allusion to Trump’s desire to construct a wall separating the US and Mexico. Such jokes are highlighted in part two of the book, and make readers wonder how he rose to become a presidential contender.

Part 3

Part three of “Pop Culture Warned Us About Donald Trump” compares Trump with Lex Luther, the main antagonist in the “Superman” franchise. In this part, Kleefield starts by talking about Luthor’s wealth. Luther owns a building known as LexCorps that can be compared to Trump Towers owned by Trump. This comparison is quite entertaining given that it depicts Trump as another character from comic books.

Other Parts of the Book

In the remaining parts of the book, other books and characters are put into perspective of Trump. Part four looks at the novel by Stephen King titled “The Dead Zone”. Gregory Ammas Stillson, the novel’s main villain, aims to start the Second World War. This can be compared to Trump since his proposed foreign policy is likely to trigger military confrontations with other nations.


“Pop Culture Warned Us About Donald Trump” provides an entertaining comparison of Donald Trump with notable antagonistic characters in popular culture. It combines this with detailed political analysis as well as lots of excellent illustrations and videos. While it is not meant to be taken seriously, it can provide a kind of comic relief during the grueling US presidential campaign.

Alisa Myurrey is a writer and editor, specialises on political themes.

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