8 Ways to Prepare Our House for Winter

It should be quite easy to prepare our house against the freezing winter. The task should also be more affordable to do when we do it ourselves. There are strategies to keep our property in tip top shape after the winter. Winter can be harsh and after the last snow flake melts, we may need to face the prospect of an expensive and time consuming repair. Our home is our castle and we shouldn’t allow it to fall down around us. Here are things that we should do:

  1. Check the exterior of our house: We shouldn’t just walk around the house, we also need to use ladder to check higher areas that can’t be easily seen.
  2. Check gutter and roof: During fall, there would be plenty of leaves, twigs and other debris on our roof and gutter. We should use long-handled broom to easily clean the gutter and roof. Collect the debris and dispose it properly to prevent it from making further problem. Larger debris, such as bigger dry branches should be removed carefully by hand. The downspouts should also be cleaned out and we should be able to do it with a pair of tongs. This should prevent backup of water that may freeze during the winter.
  3. Check and repair fittings: Fittings that have become loose should be tightened. This should allow the gutter to stay attached even during heavy loads. If fittings are damaged, we should replace them.
  4. Repair gutters: The aluminum sheet used for the gutter could have small holes and other defects. This could cause water to leak on multiple places. We could use small pieces of metal sheet and silicon caulk to patch these holes.
  5. Flush the roof: Use hose to flush the roof from any kind of debris that could accumulate on the gutter during the winter. Let debris fall to the gutter during this process and we could clean it later. This method also allows us whether the gutter works well in collecting and transporting water to the drain. It should also be much easier to spot leaks.
  6. Prepare decks and pool: It’s probably already too cold for us to swim in the pool, so it’s time to deactivate the area and prepare it for the cold winter. Debris should be swept and placed in the trash. We should put away foot baths, skimmers, floats, toys, thermometers and others. Remove loose screws and nails.
  7. Prepare doorways and windows: Existing caulk may start to pull away, so we should remove and replace it. Clean the area before re-caulking anything.
  8. Prepare external faucets: Shut off water valve and drain water from the pipe.

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