Types Of Nails Used For Home Improvement

Types Of Nails Used For Home Improvement

Almost everyone has gone to the hardware shops in their areas to buy copper or steel nails but only a few has the knowledge to choose the right nails. You may not imagine that how dangerous is using a wrong nail in the home improvement. You must know which nail will be perfect for that specific project. Hardware shop consists of various types of nails like stainless steel nails,copper nails, galvanized nails, brass nails, etc. If you are also new in buying nails then don’t worry, here you will come to know about various types nails available in the market.

  • Box nails: Box nails are similar to the normal nails but have a thinner shank and head. It doesn’t have a full head like other nails. These nails are basically used in wooden projects. It is easy to use but do not have much holding capability like other nails.
  • Finish nails: From the name itself one can understand the type of nail it is. These nails have a thin and full head, which hides within the hammering surface. After hammering you barely can see these nail heads. You can use them on wooden surfaces or the projects where you don’t want heads to be noticed. These nails are available as copper nails, steel nails, other material nails.
  • Brad: Brad is exactly similar to the finish nails but has a difference: It consists of the rounded head instead of the flathead. These nails are mostly used in wooden or similar projects, as it is not made for hard materials. These days air compressor powered guns are used to drive them into surfaces, which avoid any tilting effect.
  • Galvanized nails: These nails have a larger head as compared to other nails and are used in the roofing projects. These nails are nicely coated in order to prevent it from rusting. Thus, it is best to be used on the roof. Mostly galvanized nails of one or two inch are preferred for the roofing projects.
  • Threaded or coil nails: These nails have threads, which help it to get great holding capability. Such thread nails are not hammered with the hammer, rather used special machines to fit in the projects. In homes, threaded nails are mostly preferred to hang light things on the walls. They have better grip due to threads or coils as compared to other nails.
  • Masonry nails: Masonry nails are quite large in size and heavy to withstand loads. Construction people used this type of nails to hold any type of load during building the home. These nails require a hammer to fit on the surface or wall. These nails are mostly made up of steel material, which prevents rusting. They have better load bearing capacity due to which it does not fail in getting hammered.

Now, you are well known about all the important types of nails available in the market. There may be more types of nails but the above-mentioned are used for home improvements. Thus, you can choose the right nail as per the project.

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