Traveling To Albania

Albania is among the smallest countries in Europe, known for its beautiful countryside and rock cliffs. Communities in Albania have been ravaged by decades of conflicts and totalitarianism. Even so, today, Albania is a safe country where foreign tourists are able to visit its Mediterranean beaches. The country is located on the shore of the Adriatic sea and it’s bordered by other Balkan countries, such as Macedonia, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro.

Albania offers its own flavor Mediterranean experience. It also offers wonderful landscapes and cultures. Compared to other European countries, Albania is less developed and it lacks tourism infrastructure in some areas. When visiting the northern part of Albania, we could got to the town of Bajram Curri and it is a good base to explore mountains in the country. The town offers decent accommodation for travelers. We may also get a boat ride to travel through a large man-made river. For avid history buffs, they can go to Butrint, which is known for historical destinations. The area around the town is rarely explored by foreign tourists,

Tirana is the capital of Albania and we can walk around it on foot. Albania is known for its mixed Turkish and Italian architecture, due to constant cultural exposures. A popular peak in Albania is Mount Dajti at 5,030 above sea level. One of the best places to see it is from the Skenderberg Square. Albania is also known for its many museums and they should be able to keep us in the capital for a bit longer. Other historical towns in Albania is Shkoder and Durres, with their various historical destinations.

We many find a big Roman amphitheater and there are also various ruins with visible Greek or Roman styles. Gjirokaster is located at the southern part of Albania, near the border with Greece, It’s known for its spectacular sights. Two places that we can visit are the homes of Enver Hodja, a dictator and Ishmail Kadare, a well-known writer. In the town, we may stay in guesthouses that overlook a beautiful valley. Many towns in Albania have newer houses with minimal cultural values, so it’s a good idea to find towns with scenic older houses.

It’s a good time to visit Albania between May and October, before the freezing winter arrives. Despite its gloomy past, Albania offers so many things for us to do and see. It’s a country where we can visit ruins, towns and various beautiful scenery. It can be quite surprising and pleasant to find the amount of friendship from the locals.

Many parts of the country is still affected by poverty, but Albania continues to develop and foreigners will find it a good place to visit. It has started to become an interesting tourist destination, especially during summer months. The country should also be able to provide us with a lifetime of wonderful experience and memories. We shouldn’t be hesitant about visiting Albania, because it’s a great place that we can visit.

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