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sweat with kayla

Welcome to my Sweat with Kayla review.

Hi Everyone! My name is Anna and I want to share with you my experience of the Sweat With Kayla App.

The only reason I ever write reviews to ANYTHING is when I am left completely happy with an amazing product.

I lost 40 pounds and gained a beautiful bikini body figure within 6 months! (I’m still going strong!)

The results of what happened to me when I used this fitness app made me want to share the incredible journey I have been going through and possibly inspire others to start.

Sweat With Kayla Introduction

My name is Nancy and I am 24 years old. Two and a half years ago, I finished college with an amazing figure and no thoughts of ever looking different.

I had an incredible body and going to the beach was simple. My friends and I visited Myrtle Beach every year without a care in the world.

This was until I started working a desk job. I didn’t know the “nightmare” of snacks and meals slowly taking over, until it was too late.

Over the course of two years, I began a battle with trying to hold a tiring day job and to lose pounds that were getting the best of me.

I didn’t think there was a way out. I became extremely depressed.

As I was tumbling further down the “weight gain” rabbit hole, a friend of mine (who knew of my “struggles”) sent me a link to the website of Kayla Itsines.

Sweat With Kayla App Discovery

As it turned out, my friend Kate was going through a similar situation, but found a solution and was on her way to an amazing recovery!

Kayla Itsines was her answer.

She was telling me that there were ebooks she purchased on the site that started leading to a great result. It was an amazing program called the Bikini Body Guide.

I was sceptic and decided to do my research.

As it turned out, this program helped thousands of women change their lives.

My main concern were books that I need to carry around. I just didn’t have the space!

I looked further and found the Sweat With Kayla App.

This fitness app for women is the same amazing program that worked for so many people in the most portable and convenient way.  All the materials on your phone!

The Kayla Itsines App gave me the opportunity to change my life in the palm of my hands.

Sweat With Kayla App’s Major Pros

I was excited about the Kayla Itsines App for many reasons!

  • A portable on-the-go Kayla Itsines App that would help me reach amazing results anywhere.
  • A great workout plan (only 30 minutes a day!).
  • A meal plan that looked delicious and easy.

The final reason why I decided to write the Sweat with Kayla Review were my overall results (lost 40 pounds and gained great body tone).

The App

I loved the exercises and how clearly they were demonstrated on the app. It was easy to understand unlike many exercise apps I personally tried in the past.

There was also a cardio tracker!

I enjoyed the fact that the Kayla Itsines App included a Rest and Recovery section. It is a part of the app which has rehabilitation tutorials.

I personally found that very useful during times when the exercises left my body a bit overwhelmed. This didn’t happen often, but when it did, I had the videos to turn to!

Next, on the app I found a great way to track my results. The app helped put “before and after” pictures together to track the changes in my appearance. I have never seen that option in any app before. It really inspired me!

My personal favorite part of the app were the delicious recipes.

I received new ones every day. That was a bit unnecessary (personally for me) because I planned my meals for the week ahead, so I didn’t have the chance to try everything that I wanted.

I was excited that there was a vegetarian option. This was important for me and I was happy to know Kayla Itsines really put a lot of effort into an amazing lifestyle app.

The Kayla Itsines App also helped with a beautifully displayed and put-together shopping list.

The last (and probably most important) part of this fitness app is the water tracker.  Before I started using the app, I couldn’t get enough water in and never felt motivated enough.

The app changed many aspects of my lifestyle for the better.

The App’s Minor Cons

After going through the whole app, I want to share the minor flaws I found. I write “minor” because there were only a few and they didn’t change my overall review.

  1. There was some equipment I needed to buy after all (they turned out to be inexpensive and vital to the program)
  2. Everyday recipes were sent out that I didn’t have time for (I guess this varies depending on the individual)
  3. After going through many reviews, I found that if you discontinue to use the app, all the workouts will disappear.

I’m still staying strong on the program because I haven’t achieved EVERYTHING I wanted yet, but I believe it shouldn’t be a problem if you have the result you want and by the end of the program know what exercises are best for you!

My Overall Review

From the experience I have had so far with it, I can say I am truly happy.  I’m still staying strong on the program because I haven’t achieved EVERYTHING I wanted yet.

I have lost 40 pounds so far and staying strong!

This fitness app has given me a new lifestyle that fits easily with my new work life. It was exactly what I wanted in a singe easy-to-use app.

Thank you Kayla Itsines for the experience so far and I hope my Sweat with Kayla App Review will help others achieve the results they are striving for!

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