Some Crazy But Cool Things You Can Buy Online

While living in the 21st century one should have an easy access to the gadgets, which are impeccable in design and assign the users a genre one always craves for. there are numbers of gadgets listed in that are highly user-friendly and available on the internet at affordable prices. These devices saves us from the hassle of shopping in the midst of chaos and mob in public places. The range is comprehensive and has been adored by the patrons immensely.

Wireless Remote Control Neck Massager

It’s high time to say goodbyes to bulky heat massaging pads as highly compact Wireless Remote Control Neck Massager has arrived. This massager is rechargeable, battery operated and ensures long run with user friendly attributes. It is ideal for people suffering from neck pain owing to long hours of work on computers, at construction sites and bench jobs. Home maker women with endless work can benefit immensely from this gadget as well. It features four automatic massage modes and combines three types of relief for ultimate comfort. Being small in size, it can be carried anywhere. Its light in weight, fits everyone and can be used while working, jogging or watching television.

Heated Stair Mat

Some Crazy But Cool Things You Can Buy Online

One can be saved from shovelling and salting of snow during heavy snowfalls by opting for Heated Stair Mat. This mat is capable of melting snow within seconds of contact and helps in saving manual labour and accidents due to slipping on stairs. Each residential mat is equipped with water light connector cables, which enables it to connect with the other mats. This mat is made from customized thermoplastic material and is ideal for staircases at homes, offices or shops. Being light in weight, it can be carried easily and offers hassle free operation at affordable prices. It is capable of melting 2 inches of snow per hour and can be left outdoors for the entire winter.

Lichtbloem DIY Lamp

Some Crazy But Cool Things You Can Buy Online

Decorating kid’s room is no more a parent’s nightmare as Lichtbloem DIY Lamp is available for making decoration a child’s play indeed. This lamp is easy to fit and offers numerous educational and funny ideas as well. The kit includes clothespin, LED, lithium battery, optical fibres and ping pong balls. It helps in crafting unique light sculptures from everyday objects. Being user friendly and affordable, it helps in saving bucks by keeping interior decorators at bay.

Shoe Deodorizer/ Sanitizer/ Dryer

Some Crazy But Cool Things You Can Buy Online

Best way to keep out stinky shoes is to use Shoe Deodorizer which, helps in deodorizing shoes and sports gear without the hassle of manual labour. The gadget is user friendly and generates mild heat while circulating ozone, which is nature’s most powerful disinfectant. It is compact in size and occupies little space. Expensive shoes and gears can be placed in the deodorizer as it ensures damage free sanitation and drying. It is maintenance friendly and environment friendly as it uses ozone for deodorizing. These attributes have made it popular in homes and hospitals.

Birdcage LED Night Light

Some Crazy But Cool Things You Can Buy Online

Parents can get rid of the bedtime fights with their children by opting for Birdcage LED Night Light. This night light is impeccable in design characterized by a bird sitting serenely inside the cage. It is equipped with touch control on/off function and two levels of brightness adjustments for the user’s convenience. Rechargeable battery with glovian AC adaptor is provided which, makes it extremely cost effective. This is ideal for infants, babies and toddlers as it can be hooked anywhere owing to the rotary handle provided. It can be gifted at birthdays and thanksgivings as well.

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