Learn The Complete Procedure Of Getting An Employment Pass For Singapore

Learn The Complete Procedure Of Getting An Employment Pass For Singapore

Employment Pass is a work visa that is granted to professional employees, owners, managers, directors of Singapore companies. To get this pass, one must be equipped with all the information about its eligibility criterion, the procedure to apply, the time required for its processing, and other significant details about this pass.

Learn The Complete Procedure Of Getting An Employment Pass For Singapore

Features of EP

This pass is a special type of work permit that is commonly issued to candidates for one or two years at one time. On completion of this period, one can renew it. An Employment Pass allows one to work, stay and travel within and outside of the country freely without any need of providing entry visas. For people who are looking for permanent residence in Singapore, this pass provides them an opportunity to get their permanent residence in some time.

Eligibility Requirements for EP

The work experience, salary earned, and educational qualification of an applicant are the three primary considerations in issuing the EP. The minimum salary limit for an Employment Pass is set as S$3,300 per month. An applicant is required to have a tertiary degree from a recognized university.

Also, a relevant work experience in a professional company is a must. If a candidate does not possess required educational qualification, but earns a high salary and has an outstanding employment record, then its application can be considered. The area where a candidate is going to be posted should match his/her past work experience.

Fresh graduates should be earning a minimum of S$3,300 per month and should be graduated from a reputed educational institution. Older applicants need to earn higher salaries to get qualified for this pass. From the starting of the year 2017, this salary threshold is expected to become S$3,600.

On submitting the EP application on http://www.singapore-visa.net/employment-pass-singapore, each and every application will get reviewed by an expert panel on the basis of the credentials of the applicant and the employing company. Candidates who are successful in obtaining employment pass can easily come to Singapore with their families.

What is a Dependant’s pass?

The eligibility of the spouse or children depends on the salary threshold of the employment pass holder. Family members in immediate relation with the pass holder will be entitled to a family visa. This visa is called as Dependant’s Pass. The application for the Dependant’s Pass gets approved automatically at the time when the Employment Pass application gets approved. The date of expiry or validity date of the dependant’s passes is linked to the expiry date of the Employment Pass.

What is a Long-term visit pass?

To bring the parents of an EP-holder, it is required that the fixed monthly salary of an EP-holder should be a minimum of $10,000. This makes them eligible for obtaining the Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP). It also gets approved instantly and its expiry date is tied to the expiry date of an EP.

Employment pass offers several benefits to a person. Online websites provide an easy way to apply for this pass in a hassle free manner.