How To Shop For Clothes Online and Get The Correct Size

How To Shop For Clothes Online and Get The Correct Size

Shopping has become a hundred times easier since the era of online shopping began. You no more have to spend an entire day, tiring yourself, moving from one shop to another, bargaining with the shopkeepers and carrying those large shopping bags everywhere you go. All that you have to do is to log in to an online clothes shopping website or download an online shopping app, like Tata Cliq app, select the dress you like and order it. These apps and websites provide you more than what your normal shops do, for example extra offers, easy return policies, etc.

But, for clothes online shopping can become a hassle, especially among women. And guess why?We are always worried about whether the size we ordered will actually fit us or not. All dresses look good on the screen, but our figures not like those models; the size the retailer offers may not be what will fit us. Hence, we should know how to shop smart online. Follow these simple tips to get the correct size when you go online shopping next time:

1. Measure yourself beforehand:

Know all your sizes before you buy clothes online. If you can’t get it measured by a tailor, do it yourself, using a measuring tape. Measure your height, chest size, sleeve length, inseam, waist size, neck size, hips and shoulders; and if you are buying a bra, be familiar with your bust size.

2. Swot up the size charts:

Every brand or retailer have their own sizing rules and regulations. The L size of one retailer or brand might not be same as the other. But the relief is that, each genuine retailer will provide the size chart that it follows. You can refer to it before you purchase any clothes from there. The sizes are usually listed in centimetres or inches, so that the consumer has no difficulty understanding it.You may not get an exact, to the point fit, but try getting something close enough.

3. Keep yourself Jargon updated:

Many of the terms and terminologies used by the online retailers may go above your head, especially if you are new to this online shopping universe. You should research well before you sit down to shop or you might end up buying something which isn’t even meant for you.

For example, the most commonly asked doubt is, “What is the difference between juniors and misses?” Juniors are women who have a small frame and a more guy-ish figure whereas Misses refers to women with larger bosoms and bottoms, that is, a curvier figure. Both of them will have different fittings and measurements and yet will have to be treated separately.

4. Clarify the return policy:

Even after so many precautions, there is still a 0.1% chance that you might get a size that doesn’t fit you. That is why you should always first go through the return policies, the website or app offers and only then should you buy the outfit.

5. Verify through reviews

Reflect on what the previous customers of these companies have to say about the service and quality of products. You will get a fair idea whether it is worth buying from there or not after you read the reviews.

Now switch on your mobile phone, check out apps like Tata Cliq App and start shopping!