3 Tips To Keep Your Corporate Flowers Fresh For The Whole Week

Sometimes, Flowers say things that a person can’t because they have their own mute language that can easily express one’s feelings. Giving flowers to someone you love is a beautiful gesture. Undoubtedly, flowers can make anyone’s day but besides, flowers can also add joy, interest and enrich any special occasion. Only an existence of a single flower can bring positivity then, think of the heap of flowers!

3 Tips To Keep Your Corporate Flowers Fresh For The Whole Week

In this professional epoch, so many companies start bringing flowers for their workplace because flowers can bring joyous atmosphere which can increase employees productivity. Since, as an employee, they spend their so much of days sitting at the desks. So, it makes sense that they want their work environment positive. Visit Corporate Florist London and ask for corporate office flowers to spread positive energies.

But flowers can not survive without plants. So, what should do to keep them fresh for at least a week? Consider these 3 amazing tips.

  1. Delivery Is Crucial :

Ensure your flowers are looking fresh at your business profit time. If your office is open on Monday to Friday then make sure that flowers should be delivered on Monday so that they can look their best. Most offices schedule their meetings on Monday morning where they can easily set up their goals. Mostly, it all depends on your business. If your business is hospitality then your busiest time of the week is Friday afternoon and Saturday night which makes sure your flowers are delivered fresh on Friday morning when they will look their best for your busiest time of trading.

  1. Fresh Flowers Need Fresh Water Every Next Day :

This point focuses on fresh flowers in vases, floral foam or water viles.

– first, you should make sure that your vases are clean for office use. Because bacteria grows at high rates which will shorten the vase life of your flowers. The best way to keep vases clean is, to clean them with warm water using detergent.

– the second thing you should do is, use compulsorily fresh water. For that, you have to change the vase water every next day otherwise bacteria will form and grow and as a result, it can reduce the lifespan of your floral arrangement. Ask your florist to remove the flower arrangement from your vase and put it back in after replacing the water.

– you should cut the stems 2 cm if possible because each time the water is changed, cutting the stems can prolong the lifespan of your flowers. Remember, you should not use garden sheers or office scissors otherwise your flowers will become blunt.

  1. Choose Long Lasting Flowers :

If all your flowers are open fully when they are delivered then you should be understood that they will not last the week or else they are artificial flowers. Though roses are one of the most beautiful flowers and they don’t like air conditioning. Also, lilies are lovely but they will not look their best if they are all open. If lilies are your favourite then ask your florist to ensure that there are just a few open lilies and most of them are closed. Generally, quality lilies can last up to two weeks if they have closed buds at the time of receiving.


Frankly, it is the matter of your office reputation and the environment. You will not want to spread negative energy by placing unhealthy flowers that wilt & wither in two days. Use pure water and keep your flower vase clean. Cut flower stems 2cm if possible and keep them long lasting throughout the week. Bless your work with positive vibes!