3 Great Reasons More Guys Should Start Practicing Yoga

While it is evident that yoga offers a lot of benefits for both genders, most men still see it as a ‘woman’s thing’ simply because it seems less intensive. First of all, less intensive is just a misconception. Secondly, advanced yoga poses aren’t meant for the less fit and men aren’t exempted.

Whether you are a martial artist, a weightlifter or just a workout fanatic with plans of reducing some pounds and getting fitter, your aim is always to achieve muscle strength, velocity and most importantly, flexibility.

The truth is, there is no easier way of achieving any of these than signing up for a yoga class. If you still have doubts that yoga will add value to your athletic performance or improve your health, you’ve been missing a lot.

Here are some reasons, signing up for a yoga class will completely change your life:

3 Great Reasons More Guys Should Start Practicing Yoga

1. Enhance your sexual performance

Poor sexual performance is one of the main reasons break-ups are common in today’s world. Luckily, there are solutions for it. Unfortunately, most of them are not safer than yoga.

After some study conducted in 2010, it came out clear that yoga can increase libido and improve bed performance. According to some researchers, lasting longer in bed requires you to fully concentrate when engaging in sexual intercourse, something that seems impossible for most men.

Yoga, unlike many workouts, focuses on concentration and breathing tactics vital for sexual energy.

2. A solution for injuries

The worst thing that can happen to any athlete a few days before any competition is getting an injury while training. If you have tight muscles, it is easier to tear muscles or dislocate a joint by just tripping and falling. Same goes for any workout fanatic who focuses less on stretching and muscle mobility.

Yoga offers you a variety of exercises that focuses on improving your flexibility. Flexibility allows your previously tight muscles to extend when exercising to reduce the risks of injuries.

3 Great Reasons More Guys Should Start Practicing Yoga

3. Yoga for stress and better sleep

Yoga is one of the workouts that fully focus on mental health. Apart from improving physical fitness, yoga is known to treat depression, insomnia, and anxiety, some of the things that will impact your sleep.

For example, inversion pose in yoga is intended to improve your sleep as well as relieve you from stress. Yoga enables you to get rid of any negative thoughts and instead focus on what is more important. This allows you to remain calm both day and night- meaning you won’t be worrying about your daily activities when you are about to retire to bed.

The bottom line

There is no doubt that many other workouts such as jogging, rope jumping and more will help you burn calories faster and help you achieve your dream. That’s good news. The bad news is, many of these workouts aren’t intended to benefit your entire body and overall well-being. Also, not all are meant for everyone. Examples may include weightlifting for kids and other women or long hours of jogging for people with breathing complications. As a man, yoga is one the safest and the most effective workouts you can sign up for if you are looking forward to improving flexibility, sexual performance, and mindfulness.