Why and When You Need Dental Implants?

Why and When You Need Dental Implants

Life was smooth and full of joy for Bruce Willis – a sales executive into his late 20s. He was happy and planning big till the inevitable struck – he met with a freak accident one morning and lost two of his frontal teeth.  It was just the beginning of a long ordeal he had to undergo over a period of six seven months or so.

The loss of natural teeth brought with it a whole host of physical and psychological problems to take the quality out of Bruce’s life. He lost the enviable facial aesthetics, and the glow of his smile receded. He faced a lot of difficulties in eating and eating, and all this dented his confidence to a great level.

Bruce stopped mingling with the friends he once spent so much time with. The charm of his personality as gone and it made things miserable. This is when one of his friends suggested him to go for dental implants. He did follow the advice and only this could restore all what he had lost that day.

Who could get Dental Implants?

The story of Bruce Willis may look touching to you but he’s not alone. The problem of losing or missing natural teeth is quite common across the world faced by people of all age group. Thankfully, implants are there to restore all what the teeth take away.

Here are the kind of people who could go for implants –

  • People who have lost either one, two or more their natural teeth
  • Those who look to get the most natural and durable replacement for their missing teeth
  • People who want to restore their facial glow and get back the charm of their smile
  • Those facing problems in eating or speaking in the wake of their missing teeth
  • All those who have dentures yet not find them a comfortable option

Why Implants, not Other Dental Prosthetics?

Well, this question is bound to be raised, but its answer clears any air of doubts people have. Dentists consider implants to be the best option around to replace the missing natural teeth and they are surely far better an option than other dental prosthetics.

Let’s look at factors that make implants so much popular among people –

#1    A natural and long-lasting option

Implants are the most natural option to replace your missing teeth. They are in fact considered the next best thing to have happened to those who have either lost their teeth or missed them. Secondly, they are a long-lasting option and in a vast majority of cases, even outlast the patients!

#2    Bring back your smile and facial aesthetics

Dental implants restore the facial aesthetics and the dazzle of smiles lost due to the missing natural teeth. They are used for cosmetic purposes, and they are used for smile makeover tasks as well. So, they restore the personality and bring back the same glowing appearance that made you charm the world around with ease.

#3   No damage to your tooth structure

One of the best aspects of dental implants is their not doing any harm to the tooth structure. Neither do they require any kind of fabrication or reduction of the adjacent teeth. That’s why, they pose virtually no risk to the natural structure of the teeth and gums.

#4   Comfort of eating, speaking and maintenance

With dental implants, you are free to eat your favourite food items. You don’t have any issue in speaking and above all, you can manage the teeth as easily as you do your natural one.

In overall, you should fix a meeting with a top dentist Bushwick and get the best of results with implant placement.

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