Safeguard Parental Rights by Hiring An Expert Divorce Lawyer

Safeguard Parental Rights by Hiring An Expert Divorce Lawyer

In spite of the fact that a divorce case might prove to exhausting, strenuous and emotionally draining, it is essential that one ensure that one’s rights are protected. Fighting a divorce case, while keeping it strictly within the guidelines of family law, is one of the essential services provided by a civil lawyers. Counsellors specializing in family mention that during a divorce proceeding it is essential to safeguard the financial and economic rights of the party, but above all the welfare of the child or children, as the case maybe, must be upheld.

Safeguard Parental Rights by Hiring An Expert Divorce Lawyer

According to Steve Lindmood of Conner and Lindmood, a renowned Houston based law firm it is essential to understand the emotional aspect of the child in a divorce case. A child must not be estranged from either of the parents, unless there is a proven case of child abuse against one of the parents. Some of the services that Lindmood provides his clients as a divorce lawyer are as follows:

  • Lindmood will provide precise advice to his clients the best way to safeguard the rights of a child. According to him, the client can opt for complete child custody, visitation rights or joint custody. While giving the advice Lindmood ensures that he takes into account the wishes of the child.
  • In a child custody case, it is essential to understand the welfare of the child. Lindmood often advices his clients to prioritise their children and their welfare. He is much admired by his clients for providing excellent advice that ensures both the mental and physical health of the child.
  • Sometimes children are often used to get financial gains. According to Lindmood in such cases proper evidence need to be provided in courts support the rights of the victim party.
  • In a divorce case it is essential to safeguard one’s economic and financial rights even for the welfare of his or her children. Hence, Lindmood’s advice is to hire a legal counsel who will be able to guide the case ensuring the protection of the rights of the children and the parents.

Thus, in a divorce case very many aspects need to be taken care of and only an excellent legal counsel can do so.

Steve Lindmood has been practicing law for more than 30 years and he is one of the most recognised faces in ‘The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit’ and ‘The Supreme Court of the United States’. He has successfully fought cases in both courts and is now a member of the Board of Directors for ‘Houston Trial Lawyers Association’.

Having passed out of South Texas College of Law in 1984, after having acquired aBachelor Degree in Business Administration from Stephen F. Austin State University, Lindwood went onto practice law in the trials court of Texas. Since then he has continued to pursue a highly successful career as a family and civil lawyer. Steve Lindwood not only represents cases with regard to family law but all other civil cases like property dispute and provides advice for pre-nuptial agreements.

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