Do You Know How To Increase Psychic Power by Meditation

how to increase psychic power

With the commencement of twenty-first century, the rapid changes in social, political, ecological and technological spheres are clearly visible. This is the century of transformation, as the world around us is going to take a new shape ahead. A blend of technology, sciences and psyche is going to revolutionize every mean of human living and existence. Moreover, human race is also going to undertake a series of massive revolutionary movements. Unfortunately, many of us might feel it difficult to withstand such a drastic transformation, as our minds and thoughts would not be prepared to maintain a perfect harmony with the changing environment. Therefore, the latest challenge before us is how to increase psychic power. It is very important for us that we should better prepare ourselves to sustain such a bizarre evolution of human civilization.

You can Increase Your Psychic Power

Here onwards only the capable genus is going to overtake the world with all its wits. People are going to be wiser than they would have ever thought of. Thanks to the rise of widespread availability of information and communication means that are supporting and promoting very sense of knowledge, awareness, enlightenment and psychosocial awakening. Strange world is being innovated before us, probably, many of us would be able to experience the wonders that we had neither heard of nor thought of. Correspondingly, we might also come across an entire generation of clairvoyant humans dominating societies and systems with their powerful mystical occults. People possessing extrasensory energies will be more powerful than do the normal human beings, thus, the law of “Survival of the fittest” would govern the world. You should not be surprised to see the mystical battles taking place among such psychos.

Similarly, there might continue an age-long war between good and bad clairvoyants. Under such special circumstances, the superior needs to possess extensive psychic abilities in order to win over the other. In other words, the world is going to adopt Darwin’s Evolution Theory. So how do you feel imagining about such an exciting future of our world? Should not you awaken yourself to prepare for a time of uncertainty? If yes, then follow the below mentioned principles of meditation to awaken your secret powers, provided your goal is subjective and not self-centric. You should always remember that law of universe governs such powers by eliminating the dark and by killing the devils, so do not try anything stupid.

How to Increase Psychic Power

  1. Posture: The best position to mediate includes a full or even half lotus sitting position. You have to sit comfortably in a relaxed but upright body posture over a mat, grass or wooden stage. For better understanding, you can refer to ‘Sukhasan’ and ‘Padmasan’ postures featured in Yoga, a divine discipline. You may also perform a laying down posture provided you have the ability to avoid sleep.
  2. Breathing: While meditating you have to maintain a perfect harmony between your body, breathing and mind. You should breathe slow, relaxed and deep while being comfortable during the process.
  3. Control: Your mind emanates the fastest waves running the wild horses of your imagination across infinite journeys; therefore, you have to learn to control your mind and its incessant thoughts. Do not apply force, rather, you should allow them to drift away naturally and comfortably. Just try to avoid the distractions while playing with your breathing. This is the most successful meditation process, which delivers you the best results on how to increase psychic power. Every successive victory over the distraction will make you more powerful than earlier.

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