Corporate Functions Event Planners

Corporate Functions Event Planners

Events and functions are best organised and managed by a professional event planner; they ensure that the occasion is hitch free and successful. An event planner takes care of most of the arrangement and logistics, but make sure they have all it takes to provide the best service.

Outsourcing Event Planners

This requires a lot of good and open communication to work, as event planners need to be kept abreast of the latest happenings such as the number of invited guests and type of services. The event planner in turn has to inform you on the entertainment lined up for the event. With the help of a web 2.0 web page, you can ensure smoothly communication between you, your guest and event planner.

Set up a free web page and you will have access to a wide range of tools such as task and budget managers to help with the organising of the event. Guests and event planners will have access to this page too.

Photos, videos, and audio can be added to update guests on the progress of event. A poll can be created to even get your guest involved in some of the decision making process. Guests can also comment on the general preparation of the event, and even RSVP online making it easier for the professional event planner to know the number of guests expected.

Corporate Functions Event Planners

Qualities of a Great Event Manager

Before choosing a reliable, experienced event planner, there are some factors you need to look out for. These include

  1. Passion

It can get tedious and very stressful in the event planning business. An experienced event planner will rely on passion and dedication to see them through this phase of the job and against all odds be focused on planning a memorable event.

  1. Creativity

This quality is as important as the event itself. A memorable event is usually down to those moments of brilliance, that only a creative mind can pull off. This includes the wow moments that guests will never forget in a hurry. A good corporate event planer should be able to come up with unique and creative ideas for your event.

  1. Excellent Organisational skills

Think of all the units that come together to make an event fascinating, including the vendors, suppliers, caterers and much more. A good corporate event planner should be able to relay their ideas and vision for the event to all units involved, and make sure that the agreed arrangements are undertaken by all the units/partners involved in the event. Flexibility and multi-tasking are important; a good planner should be able to handle contingencies and make the best out of every unforeseen mistake.

  1. Great Interpersonal skills

Because a lot of hands and units are needed to pull off a remarkable event, a good planner possesses great interpersonal skills. Much of the management of staff/sub-units are down to the event planner. With a charismatic and friendly approach, mistakes from lack of communication and understanding/logistics problems will be avoided.

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