6 Lessons From The Famous Rebranding Failures That Can Save Your Brand!

6 Lessons From The Famous Rebranding Failures That Can Save Your Brand!

Companies should be really careful in revamping their image. Brand individuality, name, logo are not only the main factors that should be considered in rebranding. Company’s mission, vision, goals, philosophy should also be considered for successful rebranding.

While most of the companies fail to consider these factors and turn their rebranding efforts into disasters, renowned companies tried to rebrand and it turns to a disaster.

6 Lessons From The Famous Rebranding Failures That Can Save Your Brand!

The 6 lessons that will be helpful for you in successful branding are:

  1. Design Matters-Too Much Cost In Changing Logo

Struggling to find an identity, company’s design which include its logo, is the essential factor in consideration. Like Pepsi appointed a company to entirely reform their brand and it was a rebranding failure as the designed logo was criticized by branding experts and customers too. The logo costs them almost $1 billion and it was not of that worth.

Lesson:  In a socially connected world, hiring the right people is more important than ever. Hiring right people at the right time at the right place is important in order to avoid rebranding failure.

  1. Failure In Creating Wow Factor By Being Offensive

British fashion brand Harvey Nichols made one of the biggest branding mistakes of 2012 after they tried to visualize the popular phrase ‘try to contain your excitement’ with ads showing models peeing themselves.

Lesson:  Fine line should be kept between being unique and offensive.

  1. Language Matters

Be sure your brand translates favorably. Like Another language, misstep was the SyFy Channel’s catchy and type-friendly logo. Unfortunately, in many countries, “SyFy” is an abbreviation of syphilis. Not the association anyone one wants to have with their brand.

Lesson: when choosing a brand identity, do a little research and be sure it translates favorably in the markets where it is most likely to be seen.

  1. Pictures Matter

Massive errors like ignoring the background of pictures which you are sharing in your catalog are also the big disaster. Like, French fashion chain La Redoute strangely failed to notice this naked man in the background of a photo that appeared online and in their catalog while considering picture change as rebranding option.

Lesson: Double check your work to avoid these enormous errors.

  1. Pizza Hut Rebranding Failure

Pizza Hut, a renowned pizza lover brand, tried to rebrand by changing its menu card. Epicurean options of customizing like Peruvian cherry peppers toasted Asiago crust, and honey Sriracha sauce were some changes to the menu card. This rebranding approach by focusing more on millennials didn’t give effective results. Now Pizza Hut is trying to get back their customers by presenting different deals of pizza.

Lesson: Don’t take the risk in trying something that you are not specialized in. Stop experimenting when they turn out to be destructive.

  1. Rebrand For Wrong Reasons

Companies rebrand to remove all traces of their past identity. In doing this they are choosing the wrong reason to rebrand. With a proper change in brand name, culture, mission, vision, goals, logo and all other factors company will be successful in rebranding to remove its past traces.

Lesson: Don’t rebrand to cover your flaws, reread your history or be in the list of top rebranding companies.

The Bottomline…

Rebranding is a significant commitment that requires proper planning and execution. Right people, right time and right place are the factors to consider in applying rebranding strategies.  In this competitive era, rebranding needs to be applied regularly in maintaining brand’s competitiveness. So you need to learn from the above-mentioned rebranding failure stories and change as a whole, not just the logo.

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