Why A Climate Controlled Storage Unit Is Better

In most climates, a climate controlled storage unit is always the better option. There are some items that just cannot be left to the elements. While the security of being surrounded by other units is helpful, many items can be destroyed by the rapidly changing seasonal temperatures. If you are considering a storage unit, here are the reasons why you must select climate control.

Forget Mold Issues

A climate controlled storage unit keeps the humidity levels constant within the unit and surrounding building. Forget the growth of mold or fungus . When the humidity is kept at a safe level, there is little to no moisture that gets into your items. Moisture can be damaging for many things. How would your pictures fare if they were exposed to humidity for long periods of time?

Controlled Unit Temperatures Are Just Better

The temperatures are maintained in a climate control unit with an HVAC unit. They are kept between 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If the weather outside is scorching hot, the temperatures inside are turned down. Using an HVAC unit, it is easy to keep a constant temperature range, which is safe for the items being held. Those who need to store a piano, office documents, old coins or money, can rest assured that the controlled environment ensure their items are safe.

Pests Be Gone

One thing that many people overlook when choosing a controlled or uncontrolled storage is the pest factor. While it nice to think that pests cannot get into any storage unit, the units that don’t have a controlled environment are more likely to harbor unwanted critters. In many cases, a unit on the outside is very much like a shed. Due to their unique set-up, a controlled unit is on the inside. Being on the inside protects the units from rodents and other bugs allot better than a unit that is on the outside.

Decision-Making 101

While it is easy to opt for the outside unit because they usually have a lower rental fee, there are some things that must be taken into consideration. First, a great deal of the decision for controlled or uncontrolled has to do with what you are storing. There are many items that absolutely cannot handle the extra heat and humidity.

Second, ask yourself if the item you are storing could survive being outside. A traditional storage unit offers some protection, but it offers no protection from temperature variations. While clothing might be able to survive the influx of temperatures, your art collection or musical instruments would be ruined. The small extra cost for a secured unit would offset the replacement value of precious things. Air conditioned storage units are always the better option.

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