Tips For Choosing The 5 Most Common Bathroom Fixtures

Despite being a place in which we spend a surprising amount of our lives, the bathroom rarely benefits from anything more than a cursory look on our part. Which is a shame really, since bathrooms are highly customizable rooms that can provide plenty of comfort if properly designed and built. In fact, for every item in any given bathroom you’re bound to find several design ideas that can have a positive impact on its appeal and utility. So let’s take a look at the five most common bathroom fixtures and explore some of the best potential ideas for each of them:

  1. Baths

When the time comes and you just want to relax and leave all your worries behind, few things can compare to a good old-fashioned bath. But bathtubs also tend to be the largest bathroom fixture of them all, which poses some unique design challenges. Obviously, the right tub has to be able to fit inside your bathroom, while still leaving enough room for all your other fixtures. Secondly, there are various types of tubs to choose from, including the fabled Jacuzzi with its underwater massage system, and walk-in tubs that work well for people with reduced mobility. Finally, the material the tub uses in its build also has a noted impact on your overall experience, with possibilities ranging from the cheap and easy-to-clean gel-coated fiberglass to the much more durable acrylic.

  1. Showers

In comparison with bathing, taking a shower is quicker and uses considerably less water. That fact alone makes shower fixtures just as popular as bathtubs, especially in homes with small bathrooms. The first step towards buying a great shower lies in knowing what the water pressure is like in your home. If your home is equipped with a gravity-fed system, for instance, you may have to install an integrated shower pump to boost pressure. In all other cases, however, we recommend getting an eco shower with a factory fitted regulator that aims for maximum efficiency in water consumption.

  1. Toilets

The proverbial “throne” is greatly appreciated by people who like to spend a lot of time thinking about life’s great mysteries while in the confines of their bathrooms. This alone makes it an excellent candidate for some courageous remodeling. Luckily, today’s toilets come in a variety of shapes in sizes. If you have a family, pay special attention to your chosen toilet’s height, as the standard 14 to 15-inch lift may prove difficult to reach for children. And consider investing in a toilet that offers bidet-like features for a big boost in personal hygiene.

  1. Sinks

Despite its obvious ubiquity, the bathroom sink is too often relegated to a typical pedestal-style set-up, with functionality as its only real consideration. Fortunately, anyone with even a passing interest in design can choose to go above and beyond what’s expected in your garden-variety sink. A great example here would be to opt for a less traditional material, something other than white china, that is nonetheless still easy to clean and eye-catching at the same time. Lately, it’s glass that has grown in popularity among consumers, in styles ranging from completely transparent to psychedelic colouring. Additionally, sinks constructed in non-orthodox shapes can be gorgeous to look at while relinquishing none of their functionality.

  1. Accessories

Finally, one would be remiss not to take accessories in consideration when it comes to designing any given bathroom. Things like faucets and showerheads can have a big impact on the way a bathroom looks, not to mention your overall experience in using it. They can provide a nice stylistic touch through their sleek design, while considerably limiting unnecessary water use as through various low-flow features. One quick note of advice: always be mindful of fixing untimely leaks whenever they appear, as one mere drip per second can waste up to 1,661 gallons of water per year.

That concludes our quick overview of the five most common bathroom fixtures and how you can go about choosing the right ones for you. If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom in the near future, keep in mind that materials such as china and glass can be quite tricky to work with, so employing a professional company to do the work for you might be worth the added cost. And remember – creating a bathroom fit for a king isn’t always easy, but the end result more than makes up for the time and effort you put into building it.

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