The Top 5 Reasons To Buy Concept 2 Model D Rower

Rowing has always been a game changer to help people improve their heath standard. Those people who don’t get time to take a walk or workout on a regular basis, rowing machines are the answer. However if you’re searching for the best one, concept 2 model d indoor rowing machine will serve you according to your requirement. This machine is the just the thing of performance and perfect look combined to be one of the finest product in its class. Let’s see the top 5 reasons of choosing this machine:

  1. The stupefying structure: this machine looks way too up market and not at all insubstantial. It is indeed very well built. . The rowing position is quite hospitable as well .The rowing action is fairly smooth. The chain which helps the rowing action is nickel plated. Therefore once in a while oiling is what it needs to be user ready. The weight capacity is almost of 500 pounds, very good news for people who are a bit healthy.
  1. Assembling and storing is an easy-peasy task now: assembling this rowing machine is very effortless and once the assembling is done, the machine becomes the perfect one to aid your workout. Beside this, you’ll realize that once the set up is done, the machine starts working in a smoother way. Along with the extraordinary features, the concept 2 rower can be divided into two parts and thus it doesn’t take a whole lot of space to settle this one. So storing in inside the house isn’t clumsy at all.
  1. No Resistance lever mess: this machine is indeed the one you needed as it has inbuilt high performance air resistance arrangement which takes action according to your stroke rate. Therefore increasing the resistance of your rowing is an easy task now. All you need is to speed up, or increase the force of your rowing action To power over the flow of air to the flywheel, an adjustment technique is provided .so before working out, the adjustment from 1-10 of the damper setting will let you enjoy your workout in a better way.
  1. The exclusive performance monitor 5: one of the best feature of concept 2 rower is that, unlike other model, it has the performance monitor 5 .This groovy monitor which is provided is all you need to keep yourself updated with reference to the distance rowed, the time period of the workout session, rate of rowing and most outstandingly information about your calorie status. The Bluetooth and wireless facility allows you to connect to a monitor which is wireless and measures your heart beat rate. Top of all, it has some preset games to make your workout out of the ordinary.
  1. Price factor: this rower is comparatively a bit expensive but, due to its high efficiency as an indoor rower and the unbeatable features, this machine is famous among gym holder and trained rowers.

All over, the concept 2 model d rower is chosen on the basis of its smooth working and quality of rowing which makes the machine class apart. The performance monitor acts as a cherry on the top and allows people to admire it even more. The several connectivity options like Bluetooth help to keep your heart happy. The machine is comparatively less noisy which allows you to concentrate on your workout session .You know you’re investing in a better way when you know that this machine is built in such a way so that it can provide you the best rowing techniques, though there are few rowers in market which are comparatively less expensive. But, this machine is much more efficient and aids you in a comfortable way.

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