Interesting Facts About Muay Thai

Muay Thai can simply be defined as a unique Martial Arts training style. It has a strong relationship with the history of Thailand. In fact, the soldiers of Thailand practiced Muay Thai in order to protect their country from invasions of neighboring countries. Before you head out to a training camp in Thailand to learn Muay Thai, it would be better to learn some interesting facts about it.

1. Muay Thai fighters use the simplest and the most basic techniques that can be found in martial arts. Most of the times, the fighters use their bare fists in order to defend themselves. In the past, grappling techniques were also used by the people to defend. In here, the fighters get one step closer to the strike and then withdraw immediately from the opponent. You can learn these secrets by taking part in a Muay Thai camp.

2. Thailand can be considered as the best place available on this planet for the people to learn Muay Thai. That’s mainly because this form of martial arts was originated in Thailand. Apart from learning Muay Thai, people who go to Thailand to spend a holiday will be able to experience many different things. A travel in the beach would be an amazing experience after a tiring day at the Muay Thai camp.

3. Muay Thai is not associated with any specific rules. However, using this form of martial arts as a striking weapon is not accepted. However, people who learn Muay Thai will be able to use their skills in order to defeat an opponent while staying within the limits.

4. Using body parts as weapons can be considered as the simplest Muay Thai technique that can be found out there. Specific body parts such as feet, elbows, fists, shins and knees can be used in here to fight against an opponent. On the other hand, the fighter will quickly have to shift to grappling moves to defend him.

5. Clinch can be considered as one of the most common Muay Thai techniques. This is performed by grabbing the opponent around his neck or body. You might have seen these techniques while watching a boxing match on television. In this kind of a situation, the two opponents would be forced to separate from each other.

6. The popularity of Muay Thai from is rapidly increasing in every corner of the world. In fact, people consider it as a competitive sport. Therefore, you can find Muay Thai camps in different parts of the world as well.

7. The popularity of Muay Thai as a sport has given life to a new world championship tournament as well. This event will be held annually with the participation of Muay Thai experts from all around the world. Most of the men, women and children who learn about Muay Thai have the dream of taking part in this championship to bring glory to their countries.

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