How To Learn Playing Guitar Quickly With Ease

Guitar Lessons Los Angeles

If you think that you cannot learn playing guitar without having to take professional classes or spending a substantial sum of money then you are wrong. Yes, learning guitar quickly with ease is possible even without spending a single penny. Just follow and implement below mentioned tips by Guitar lessons Los Angeles and learn guitar most quickly with ease without spending any money.

Step 1 of Guitar Lessons Los Angeles: Right position to hold your guitar

The basic thing you should understand is how to hold your guitar. Normally, when you are playing the guitar in sitting position then you should place your guitar upright close to your abdomen. If you are a right-handed then you should use the right hand for strumming. However, bending to check your left-hand finger placement on the chords might slip the guitar off your lap. Specifically, hold the guitar with light hands and keep it close to your body while playing.

Step 2 of Guitar Lessons Los Angeles: Placement of fingers on strings and frets

A guitar constitutes of six chords and number of frets. Let us focus on first four frets initially. Frets are the metal bar spaces that run up to the neck. The six horizontal wires are six strings of the guitar. You should initially use the first three fingers, counting down from the index finger, to press different strings. You fingers need to be perpendicular to the neck of the guitar. None of your fingers should touch or interfere with adjacent strings.

Step 3 of Guitar Lessons Los Angeles: Learn basic chords D, E and A Major

It is advisable for beginners to learn simple chords initially, which include D, E, & A Major chords. Your 1st and 2nd left-hand fingers should be placed on the second fret. Press string three with your 1st finger and string one with 2nd finger on the second fret. Similarly, your 3rd finger should press string two on the third fret. String 4 is an open string, do not play string 5 and string 6.

For E chord, place 1st finger of your left hand on string 3 over the first fret. Press string 5 on the second fret with your 2nd finger. Now, depress string 4 with your with 3rd finger on second fret. Here, strings 1, 2 and 6 are open strings.

For A chord use 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingers. Press string 4 with 2nd finger on second fret, then, press string 3 with 3rd finger and press string 2 with 4th finger over the same fret, i.e., second fret. Keep strings 1 and 5 open, however, keep strumming the string 6.

Step 4 of Guitar Lessons Los Angeles: Strumming patterns and moving between chords

Strumming pattern is one of the basic key skills that you need to practice regularly. Once you have practiced different strumming patterns, you can play a song using above basic chords and different strumming combinations. Different strumming patterns include constant down up motion, up-strum, down-strum and more. You should learn to move quickly between chords.

Now wake up to set the beat and control the pace of rhythm, keeping your practice on and on.