Handicrafts and Home Decoration In India

India, a unique combination of royal ethnicity and modernistic charm, is home to numerous transcendent artisans, making it a culturally rich country. The astuteness of the skilled artists has made India a great destination for artistry commodities. The craftsmanship of the Indian artists is diverse, culturally rich and reflects the history of different empires which prevailed here. Through the centuries, handicrafts of India have been an inseparable part of the traditions of the rural communities. The crafts are made out of rocks, paper, stones, metal, wood, clay, etc. with the deployment of simple tools.

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Trade links between India and the other countries have existed since ancient times and this tradition is being still followed owing to the grandeur piece of arts created by our gifted artisans. The handicrafts of India reached their pinnacle under the patronage of Mughal Empire. Crafts such as textiles, carpet weaving, and jewelry deepened into fine arts. With the decline of the Mughal Empire, small princely states came into existence, giving rise to numerous local artists and crafts.

Popular Handicrafts of India

Right from the ancient civilization to the modern world, Indian handicrafts have been a decorating the homes of people across the globe. The sagacious artists have been successful in making India, the most sought after destination for handicrafts.

  • Lac Bangles Of Rajasthan

These stone studded, carved with utmost love and finesse, Lac bangles is one of the most vibrant examples of the Indian handicrafts. From brittle to non-brittle, stone studded to simple; you will find numerous variants of these bangles. Historians have claimed that Mumtaz Mahal, wife of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan had a great patronage for these bangles. These bangles are created by melting colored and natural Lac and them embellishing them with precious stones, pearls and mirrors,

  • Woodcraft of Kashmir

Kashmir, being an abundant producer of walnuts, makes use of this advantage and thus is home to magnificent walnut wooden carving. Plethora of objects, ranging from photo frames to jewelry boxes, is carved out from the walnuts. Post carving, the artifacts are polished by wax for bringing out the natural sheen of walnut.

  • Madhubani Paintings Of Bihar

Also known as Mithila painting, the unexplored corners of Bihar has given birth to this brilliant form of art. The three dimensional images created by herbal colors on paper are true example of pure artistry and are sure to grab everyone’s attention.

  • Bamboo Handicraft of Assam

This is one of the most Eco-friendly Handicrafts of India, which makes use of Bamboo, which grows in abundance in Tripura and Assam. Various art figurines like toys, dolls, furniture, kathi, dukala, wall hangings and much more are created with bamboo.

  • Pottery Terracotta

Pottery is one of the ancient arts of India, which is practiced in full form till date. For Harappan style pottery, go for the black pottery of Kangra. For incised designed thin pottery, visit Kanpur. Kutch is very popular for its terracotta elephants, horses and pots.

For all the art lovers out there, handicrafts of India are a true example of finesse and grandeur of art. More information to visit our website: Classy Plus

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