Best Android Games Of July 2016

Android mobile Gaming has been improving a greater rate than any technology. The new game will be joining the ranks of mobile games. Here’s our selection of the best Android games of the month of July 2016. Fantastic games availableavailable for free to download on playstore.  Download a few of these to pass the time.

Titan Quest

Best Android Games Of July 2016

 it is the game originally released on the PC at the time of beginning, positive reviews from game players,  It is an action role playing hack and slash video game, developed by Iron Lore Entertainment. Which was popularized by Diablo and adaptations of Dungeons and Dragons, ported on Android thanks to DotEmu, and you can now play on your device. A new touch-friendly interface, suggesting you travel through many different places.

Borderlands 2

Best Android Games Of July 20161

Video games are becoming more serious on platforms like Android,  You can play this Borderlands 2 video game on the NVIDIA Shield Tablet and Android TV and promises many hours of gameplay for anyone. there are some minor complaints on this game. The deep multiplayer aspect of the title. Developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games.

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run

Best Android Games Of July 20162

If you are a huge fan of The Walking Dead, and the spin off series Fear, the Walking Dead has no secret for you, here it is one of the best game to install on your phone! This is a tactical runner in which you have to cross recognized episodes. A good game play coupled with superb graphics in black and white that make it a great experience.

CSR Racing 2

Best Android Games Of July 20163

CSR Racing 2 is, as its name suggests, following the first CSR Racing which it takes most of the gameplay. This is a game of drag racing in which you can control the customization of your vehicle and your mastery of the gearshift. A simple but fast gameplay, coupled with breathtaking graphics and tons of cars based on real life.

Rooms of Doom

Best Android Games Of July 20164

Crossy Road developers are increasingly prolific. After the success of the first series, here they come with many titles after having in common one thing: a love inspired graphics to the high resolution of pixels. Rooms of Doomis an endless runner. it delivers a very bright and colorful platformer,many heroes and take control of a gameplay. A very good title that we warmly recommend.

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