6 Social Media Deathtraps That Could Sink Your Career

These days, when you’re looking for a job, you have to think about what you upload on social media. Employers these days are getting more tech savvy and can be snooping around for potential employees.

So if they find you making goofy selfies, hanging out with friends or doing the crazy stuff, then it can seriously affect your career.

Don’t live under the illusion that employers won’t take the time to browse your social activity. Therefore, you have to find ways to keep yourself protected from the unwanted attention of your employer.

Social Media Deathtraps That Could Sink Your Career

Mentioned below are 6 of the silliest mistakes that can affect your relationship with an employer:

Mistake #1: Sharing Your Job Offer

You may have the offer from your employer, but that doesn’t mean you have the job. Therefore, it is important to refrain from sharing this news with your contacts until you get in. Job offers are confidential and sharing such information means you have defied the sanctity of that rule. It could make you come across as untrustworthy in the eyes of the employer.

Mistake #2: Complaining About The Company

Now hold on! If your employer finds any negative remark about his company on your social media profile, you can just kiss your future employment chances goodbye. Whether you have been working at a place for years or not, you should avoid writing anything negative about the company.

Doing such a nasty thing can be a big turn-off for other employers who might browse through your profile.

Mistake #3: Posting Photos That Shows You In Intoxicated State

Posting your pictures in an inebriated state can lead you to termination of your job, especially when you are a teacher. A recent incident involving a teacher is a proof of how such pictures can hurt your career.

According to news reports, a teacher was fired from a school after her Facebook profile showed her holding a glass of wine. Therefore, you too should think twice before your temptations get you fired.

Mistake #4: You Come Off As Vulgar and Offensive

Even the slightest hint of an unprofessional or vile comment could impede your chances of getting a job. If you leave yourself exposed like this, it belies your character as a person and it makes you seem immature. Avoid using expletives or foul language that shows you in a negative light.

Mistake #5: You’re Too Private

It’s alright to keep your personal information protected from people that you don’t trust. However, it might make you come across as you are hiding something from the world or there is no interesting facet of your personality that you want to share with others.

But if you still feel too shy to be open about your personal life on social media platform, you can even make another profile that shares general things about you as a person and professional. So if an employer stumbles upon your profile, he could have an idea about your personality.

Mistake #6: Poor Grammar

While interacting with an employer, it is important to maintain a formal conduct. Avoid using emojis or slang as it might offend the person. Similarly, you should use proper language with accurate grammar and word selection.

All these things are important to show you as a true professional who has the knack of expressing his thoughts to others.

Today, social media has become a way of life. From spending our leisure time to bunking classes, people use this platform to share everything from their social circles. But when it comes to your employer, you have to be extremely careful with its use as a silly mistake can cost your career and this is the purpose this article seeks to serve to you.

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