6 Popular Blogging Myths You Need To Keep In Mind

Blogging has grown as an effective medium of brand promotion which helps you to connect with the potential audience. However, there are many myths that people are following blindly which is not delivering fruitful results. Below some of the myths are mentioned related to blogging.

Myth 1: Posting Every Day on your Blog

One of the biggest myths about blogging is that you need to post every single day or else you will end up losing the potential readers. This is not true as your readers will not go anywhere if you post an article in the gap of two or three days. However, if you have something new to be posted every day, then you can go ahead with the idea. Avoid posting forced content which is not up to the mark as it will lower the interest of the readers. There are many fashion bloggers in India that post according to the content they have and have successfully earned a name for themselves.

Myth 2: Earning Money through Sponsored Posts and Banner Ads

Generally, people believe that the best way to earn money on your blog is through sponsored posts and banner ads. It is good to work with brands, but initially, you need to spend time on maintaining the quality of the blog. Making money is also important but ensures the content on the blog is enough to attract the audience. Apart from sponsored posts and ads, there are many other mediums to earn money through your blog. Being a blogger, you need to explore more ways instead of simply relying on the sponsored posts and banner ads.

Myth 3: Sharing Posts Multiple Times on Social Media Platforms

This is another myth that people believe that the traffic is increased of you share your posts multiple times on social media platforms The number of visitors you get through your search engine is effective than what you receive through social media platforms. These platforms will get you traffic according to their community. Remember people prefer to search engines like Google for searching any topic and not social media sites. Instead of focusing on multiple platforms, it is better to concentrate on the most appropriate channels to get more traffic.

Myth 4: Blogging does not have an Impact on your Business

One of the studies conducted has shown that business that uses the blog as a source of promotion generates more profit in comparison to those who do not blog. There are companies which have doubled their leads as a result of blogging. No blogging results in loss of money to a large extent. Analyze your target audience and what they are looking for like an expert advice, suggestions or any kind of service provider. Concentrate on the usage of keywords to increase the organic traffic. Provide your audience with the useful and relevant information.

Myth 5: Blog Length to Attract Traffic

People are confused as to what should be the length of the blog. Some say blog length should be long while others say write short posts. The length of the post does not matter. The content quality and information provided in the blog is what makes the difference and get more traffic on the blog. The top bloggers in India concentrate on writing useful and valuable information which audience will like to read. People want to read good stuff which has nothing to do with the length of the word count of the blog.

Myth 6: Write Anything you Want

Choose the topic for the blog wisely based on what the target audience is looking for. You are blogging for the target audience and not for your personal interest. Write on topics which are relevant to your business and can attract more traffic.

These are some of the myths that people are following. It is important to understand the purpose of blogging and use it as an effective tool for marketing.

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