5 Ideas For A Budget Friendly Wedding In Nagpur

Wedding in Nagpur

So, you are getting married in a while in Nagpur. Congrats! Are you worried because the ceremony might dig an irreparable hole in your pocket? Is the constant societal pressure, which forces a person to get extravagant with weddings, is giving you sleepless nights? Well, worry no more. You can have a perfect wedding without spending a fortune if you plan it in the right way. After all, who wants to start a nuptial journey with a debt? So, here you go. We have listed here the top five ideas for a budget friendly wedding, which will not only let you incorporate most of the things you love but also will keep you comfortable monetarily.

5 Ideas For A Budget Friendly Wedding In Nagpur

Stick to your budget: What is more important than making a realistic budget? The answer is sticking to it. Understand your priorities. Don’t fall prey to temptations. If you can do without a five-lakh lehenga, you probably will be able to plan a lovely honeymoon at an exotic location afterward. However, always be practical while deciding on the budget. You might not want to go too skimpy on food thus upsetting your guests. Moreover, always keep a fund for unexpected expenses ready.

Act in advance: As early birds get the worm, we suggest booking the venue at least six months prior to the date; you may be able to negotiate a good discount. Similarly, tick the other boxes by booking early which includes the caterer, florist, decorator, makeup artist and your candid wedding photographer in Nagpur. This way, you can avoid the last minute rush and save loads of cash.

Go local: Nagpur, being a Tier II city, is less expensive than the metros. Hence, source everything, from your invitations to outfits, from the local guys. Buy your jewelry from your family’s trusted small jeweler to save on making charges. While shopping for supplies, always go bulk. You will spend much less. Moreover, don’t get tempted by that exotic flower or off-season fruit. Seasonal stuff is beautifully fresh and cheap. Always prefer those Haldiram’s sweets to the gourmet truffles as wedding favors. After all, Nagpur houses the first and main factory of the famous snack brand. Whatever you want to buy, do not just settle down with one shop. Compare the rates in different stores before making any purchase.

Try off-season: Buying your wedding trousseau at the time when weddings generally don’t happen can considerably reduce the prices. However, if you are very particular about wearing a designer label, pick an outfit from the last season. You will not compromise much on the style as the designs are unlikely to change drastically. If you wish and your elders permit, you can even get married in an off-season. This way you can have a lavish wedding at a fraction of the cost than getting married during the season.

Be realistic: Keep the number of your invitees under control. You will save big on food and drinks. Ask yourself whether you really want that gorgeous diamond necklace to sit forever on your bank locker. If no, buy practical everyday jewelry which you will wear. For that wedding ceremony, depend on artificial stuff – they look so gorgeous that most of the time nobody can make any difference. If you have a creative bent of mind, you can DIY a lot of your wedding elements like invitations, decorations, and favors.

Did you see organizing a wonderful yet budget wedding is not that tough? However, you may need to have a more practical approach. You can consider having an intimate wedding at home or at a temple and go for a big reception. Choose an offbeat location like a farm house instead of a five-star hotel. This will not only save big bucks but also will make for an extraordinary backdrop for your wedding photography.

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