Proper Image SEO Techniques

Image SEO should be considered as a part of our SEO campaign. Google Image is one of the methods of gaining traffic from the search engine. It provides users with the ability to look for specific images, including those in our websites. If people find interesting pictures from our websites, they may follow this up by visiting our website directly to find more pictures or other content.

In this situation, we should make sure that images have been fully optimized, so they will be relevant to our keyword queries. This will allow us to generate more revenue from PPC advertising or direct sales of products or services. Images should also allow us to get targeted traffic and we will gain many more things.

There are multiple image tips that we can apply, so we will be able to achieve top ranks in search engine. It is obvious that images we want to optimize should be those that are relevant to our primary topics. If we specialize on selling or renting condos in specific cities, we should have unique images that illustrate condos in our city.

When people see these pictures, they should be certain that they are looking at the actual pictures of local condos, instead of generic condominium images. Just like text-based content, we should also ensure the uniqueness and quality of our picture.

With high quality and original images, it should be very easy for us to get listed in Image search engine for specific keywords. We should know that larger images with better sharpness and resolution tend to perform better than blurry, small images. JPG files seem to perform better in Google’s Image Search than PNG and GIF, so we should prioritize on the former.

The name of our image should contain the exact keywords we are targeting. If there are multiples images of the same topic, we could use slight variations. Another SEO elements related to images is the alt text. This is included in the source code and it also needs to contain the proper keywords we are targeting. We can simplify things by using the same text for image title and alt text. However, it should be descriptive enough, so people would know what it is.

The title of the page should correlate with the name of the images. It means that search engine bots would know that our pages are relevant with the images. The H1, H2 and H3 tags should also be relevant with our images. This will allow search engine bots to see direct correlations on everything. We should be able to achieve many things during images SEO by performing this task.

Right under the image, we could put a short description, so search engine bots will know more about the images. By giving more information about specific images, they will appear on additional relevant keywords. If our images are compelling enough or even become the center of our webpage, we should also consider adding backlinks to them.

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