New Additions Of Windows 10 For Mobile Devices

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system which has survived for years longer. Even though many operating systems may come and go, but you cannot get the OS like Windows. Since, Windows operating system is the one which can be used for mobile devices and desktop versions. This is the best part of Windows operating system. The other operating systems like android, blackberry and more cannot be used for desktop devices.

Coming to windows 10, it is the new version of Microsoft Windows. This version is designed with brand new features. According to the reports, Microsoft has confirmed that, Windows 10 for mobile devices and desktop are not same. Windows users are excited to hear this and they are longing to know what is new in the windows 10 mobile versions. I do not want to keep them wait for a long time, so I am going to explain the new additions of windows 10 for mobile devices now.

Global Applications  

The applications that is included in the windows 10 OS is widespread one. That is, the applications will perfectly run on desktop devices, mobile devices and other devices. This would be considered as the best feature of Windows 10. If you have made any changes to your applications, which are loaded on your mobile device, the changes will come into the act on your desktop and tablet devices. Added to that, users can find Microsoft PowerPoint, word and Excel applications in mobile devices as well. The applications will function globally, so you do not have to worry about installing separate apps for your mobile, PC and tablet devices.

New Additions Of Windows 10 For Mobile Devices

Microsoft Edge

Users could find this application on windows mobile devices. This feature will surely enhance the functionality of the web browser. Without any doubts, you are going to enjoy the enhanced performance of the browser through this windows 10 OS.

Enhanced User Interface

Merely by swiping the screen, you can view the applications that are used a while before. Added to that, you will be stunned with the fresh layout of windows 10. By working with the windows 10 OS, you will experience the effect of using a tablet or other desktop devices. That much, the mobile applications of windows 10 are improved a lot.

Latest Keyboard

The brand new keyboard is loaded on the windows 10 operating system for the welfare of the users. Added to that, voice reply feature will be there, which users could use to reply all the way through voices. All you have to do is that, click on the microphone button that will help you in response to a message through your voice.

Toolkits For Android And iOS Apps

With the help of the toolkits, users will make possible iOS and android applications work on Windows 10 OS.

I hope that, you have impressed with the spanking new features of the Windows 10 operating system. The features look like; it would not let the windows users down. I am sure, now you are hurrying to install the windows 10 – right?

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