Jailbreak – Why It Makes Sense For Apple Device Owners

In the real world, Jailbreak refers to escaping from jail. In the world of mobile phones and electronics, this concept refers to breaking the virtual lock installed on all devices manufactured by Apple. However, before we take a closer look, we need to understand the Apple universe.  There is no doubt, that Apple occupies a very high spot in the world of electronics. Their iPhones; iPods; iPad and iPod touch, are devices which rule the market. The reason for their popularity is due to two main aspects. The first is their build quality and the second is the iOS which runs these devices.The operating system called as iOS is the most efficient operating system. Combined with the Apple store, the iOS clearly beats other operating systems in the number of applications offered to the user. This operating system is easily the most secure operating system in the world. However, like all closed end operating systems, it has limitations. The three biggest limitations are as follows-

  • The iPhones or iPads cannot be used across all carriers.
  • All devices cannot install applications from outside the Apple Store.
  • All devices cannot access online stores other than the Apple Store.

While most users are happy with their device, there are a growing percentage of Apple users who want more. The needs of these users, lead to the creation of jailbreak softwares. The word “Jailbreak” was used, to denote that the user is breaking a virtual lock in their device.

Jailbreak – Why It Makes Sense For Apple Device Owners

The Two Most Common Uses Of These Softwares Are

  • Using Other Carriers – By using a jailbreak software, the iPhone or iPad can be used across any telephone network. This allows the users of these phones to choose better plans for their talk time and data usage. From the year 2008, jailbreak softwares have allowed users the freedom, to use other vendors, not contracted with Apple.
  • Access To Other Online Marketplaces – All application developers make their programs compatible with all operating systems. However, if the developer does not sign up with Apple, his or her application will never reflect in the Apple marketplace. Jailbreak softwares, allows users of all Apple devices to access and install applications from other online marketplaces.

The biggest question is if this is a legal activity? Apple fought tooth and nail against the jailbreak softwares. The company said that it violated their copyright. However, the US government ruled that it was not a violation. Users of these devices can legally jailbreak their Apple devices. However, Apple can still prevent such phones from working. The next question is it safe? The answer depends on the user. If users are careful to download only trusted applications, then they will face no issues with their unlocked device.

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