Hyderabad in the Dark Hours: Best Nightspots in the City

While its nightlife is not that starry and buzzing like its neighboring capital city of Bengaluru, Hyderabad is home to some decent and tasteful bars and pubs. Browse from a Cuban-themed bar, a Belgian beerhouse, Johnnie Walker Lounge to what not. The city known for its Nizami legacy definitely deserves some foot tapping, wine gurgling therapy so that the otherwise monotonous lives of the inhabitants here doesn’t completely take over. So if you are a visitor to the city looking for some late night retreat, head straight to the city’s most sought after night spots which this section will elaborate upon.

If you are looking for the Lucknow to Hyderabad flights to attend a business meeting which you know is going to suck the energy out of your body, then we recommend to go the spa-way right after the meet. Otherwise, if you are one of those for whom dancing, drinking, or simply enjoying some upbeat music is the cure for all the stress, then simply scroll down through the following list. Yes, you can thank us later!


  1. Bottles & Chimney

Bottles and Chimney looks cheerfully bustling all the time with the bar in the centre and seating lined up with the walls. The upper party deck is perfect for private gatherings. Resident DJ Falgun plays house music, while DJ Stan will make you bobble to his hip hop numbers on Thursdays, which also happens to be the Ladies’ night. The food menu at Bottles and Chimneys offers top choices like chicken steaks, pizzas, Amritsari tikkas and grill platters. Fill your appetite as well as your craving for something upbeat at this spot in Hyderabad.

  1. Aqua

Aqua, found at the third floor of the Hotel Park Hyderabad, is a standout amongst the most humming nightspots around the local area, be it for before-party, during-party or after-party scenes! Their prized possession, the Infinity Pool, which looks as though converging with the Hussain Sagar Lake, similar to a delusion of a horizon, adds to the party state of mind, particularly in the nighttimes. Friday evenings are the most happening, as those are Band Nights.

  1. 10 Downing Street


The 10 Downing Street is one of the principal dance clubs to open in the city that still has a dependable following in students, couples and moderately aged benefactors. This dance club is designed like an English drawing room, its rich woodwork is warm and welcoming with a vast oval molded bar ruling the center of the club, with seating around it. Their margaritas and martinis are very well known. They serve mostly Indian and continental fare for lunch and supper.

  1. Lost Society

 Lost Society serves both great evergreen cocktails, as well as in-house signature specials. Dim and grungy-chic, with rough walls and flooring, a painted white tree stump in the middle, and a brilliant red antique telephone booth, giving the visual differentiations. The highlight here is the 40-feet long white corian bar, mirroring the emphasis on all the activity happening behind the counter!

  1. Altitude


 Eight stories up and overlooking the Hussain Sagar Lake, Altitude at Marriott Hotel is the most recent addition to the list of nightspots in the city of Hyderabad. An exquisite space for loosening up, Altitude is a place where you can celebrate with companions or have a quiet dinner. Some spend the night at the snooker table, while others like to sit in an undisturbed corner.

We won’t say that do not visit the various tourist places in Hyderabad, but if you visit the city, don’t let your evening stay all dull and aimless. Instead, grab a good travel company and head to the city’s most promising nightspots, like the ones mentioned above. You’re going to love the night scene here.

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