How To Repair Microsoft Windows Vista?

I have no doubt in the performance of Microsoft windows vista. Windows vista is to the point and good to deem. But, we cannot assure that, all such operating systems run good all the days and all the nights. At times, it may, subject to some issues due to several reasons. It is quite common as far as the OS is concerned.

Sometimes, the issues that you have in your windows vista may force you to seek assistance from the Microsoft support team. But, rather calling the support team straight away, why do not try something to fix the Windows vista issues. Of course you can try, only when you know something at the point of repairing windows vista.

Now, I am going to share some steps to repair the Microsoft windows vista on your own. Try and follow the steps carefully and one by one.

How To Repair Microsoft Windows Vista

  • Moving ahead to the repairing task, you have to disconnect the additional devices such as gaming console, printer, router and more if they are in connection with your computer. Now, you have to boot your computer and finish the installation of the booting process. You have to wait for some time until your windows loads your data like files and other things.
  • Then, you can find “install windows screen” option; there you have to choose your input method, language, currency method and time. Make sure that, you have chosen English (United States) as your language. Now, you have to click on the Next button.
  • Once, after clicking on the Next button, you can address an option called “repair your computer”. You have to choose that option.
  • Now, you will be shown the system recovery options and a copy of installation of windows OS. You have to click on the installation copy of windows vista and click Next button. You could find “startup repair” option and click on that. Once you have given authentication to the process, the startup repair will check your windows vista for issues. If any issues are detected, the startup repair will automatically resolve the issues.
  • When the process is continuing, your system may, subject to rebooting many times. You do not have to panic about that. It is a common thing that might take place during the repair system. If suppose, the startup repair option cannot able to resolve your issues, it will show you a message like “startup repair cannot resolve the issues” and it will recommend you to contact the Microsoft support team.
  • Besides just showing you the message, the process will provide you a written message to send option; you may click on that send option to convey your message to the Microsoft support team. If not, you will get back to the startup repair screen.

The major issue with windows vista is that, it does not designed with recovery console as like windows XP. At times, the repairing process may fail due to several reasons. In such cases, you should contact the Microsoft support team without fail.

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