How To Improve SEO Performance With Bing?

Bing is now the third largest search engine provider after Google and Yahoo. If we have reached good positions with Google and Yahoo, it is a good idea to expand our efforts by optimizing our website for Bing. Fortunately, if we have optimized our website for Google and Yahoo, we will likely get good results with Bing. However, it is important to take things one step further. Although it is somewhat unlikely that Bing will reach the number one position, we could still get decent traffic from the Microsoft-backed platform.

After we have optimized our website with Google and Yahoo, the age of our domain will be relatively acceptable. Older domains often carry more weight than newer ones. Search engine algorithm will prioritize content from older websites, compared to the newer one. This is something that we can’t avoid.

In general, Bing and other search engines want to make sure that our website is consistent enough. It means that our website is continuously updated with various contents. In this case, we should avoid using domain name that bounced from one owner to another. It is possible that the website was previously penalized for specific violations.

Once the domain name stays with one owner for a long period of time, Bing will consider that our website becomes more trustworthy. We should know that search engine bots from Bing can access the whois information of our website. Unless we choose to go private, we won’t be able to hide our website. Sometimes, it takes one year before our website starts to get good results.

This is implemented to make sure that the website won’t disappear after specific time. Highly successful websites never change ownership for years. It means that their websites are more trusted by users.

For this reason, we should consider buying a completely fresh and new domain name. Old name may not provide us with good results, especially it has bad history. Like other search engines, Bing also places significant importance on backlinks. It means that backlinks should have quality and overall value.

Well-established websites should have very strong history. Search engines want us to gather quality. This can be achieved only if we have good content that people would look for. It is often said that Bing is more restrictive in determining the quality of backlinks compared with Google. However, if we get good results with Google, it is likely that we could achieve better results with Bing.

When it comes to backlinks, Bing can be quite fussy. In this case, we should make sure that quality backlinks are properly distributed across multiple unique IP address, website owners and domain names. We should know that additional quality backlinks from the same IP address, website owners and domain names won’t be as valuable as the first one.

It can be said that Bing is more natural in terms of backlinks regulations. On page SEO is also important to improve performance with Bing. We will need to improve components like content, description and title.

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