How To Exchange Links Properly?

Promoting our website will definitely take a lot of patience and work. Our overall strategy should be to find ways so that other websites can link to ours. Backlinks can be seen as the most important assets in the SEO world. Backlinks are essential to establish our online credibility. Websites that obtain quality backlinks from trusted websites will gain better ranks in search results.

Google and other major websites use specific formulas. These equations are well kept secrets, but it is easy to expect that we will get better results. The most natural way of getting links to our website is by providing excellent content that people would love to share to family and friends. If our content is compelling enough, it could go viral, providing our websites with tons of inbound links.

Pagerank is an important concept when we want to optimize our website for Google. It can be determined by the number of inbound links to our website. We should know that if the links come from webpages with Pagerank 0 or 1, the quality of inbound backlinks will be lessened. Pagerank is a concept that ensures that only quality websites can get good backlinks.

Webpages with high pagerank obtain plenty of quality backlinks from other high PR pages. Obtaining backlinks from high PR pages isn’t easy and we will be able to obtain them only if we have quality content.

The most important thing is to try to get organic links for our website. If people like our content, they will definitely come. Once we have enough organic links in our website, we could consider it as being quite natural and search engine bots know that too. There are different ways to obtain quality backlinks for our website.

However, we should know that we could only get quality backlinks if we have a quality website. One of the quickest ways to get backlinks is by exchanging links with others. However, we should be quite reasonable when doing this. Links should be exchanged when they can benefit our users, not because we want to rank higher in search engine results. Exchanging too many links can make our website looks less natural.

If we want to exchange links, we can contact the website owner, directly through email or through social networks and web forums. One good indicator is that if the person is very careful when visiting website. It means that the website doesn’t exchange links wildly with others only for the sake of getting higher ranks.

It is also important not to exchange backlinks with other websites. It would be useless to make our website lost in a sea of low quality or worthless links. One backlink from a high quality website has better SEO values than hundreds of irrelevant, lo quality ones.

It is also considered useless to put our website in many obscure directory lists. We should prioritize in getting listed with quality websites. Recent algorithm changes are often associated with the removal of low-quality or useless links from the equation. It means that bots are getting smarter in detecting quality backlinks.

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