How To Connect Your iPhone To Your Car Stereo?

One of the latest gifts of our modern technology is the iPhone. It is an amazing, smart phone which has lots of functions and features and for this it is mostly used by younger guys. It is nothing but a mini computer. It has the same features and functions that a computer has. What is not in it, it has the power to shoot video, it can take photos, browse the web, send and receive email, play music, receive visual voicemail etc. It has all functions for entertainment. So, its use is increasing day by day.

Now if you want total entertainment when you are in your car with your family or you are driving your car and you are alone in it, connect iPhone to the car stereo. As soon as you connect iPhone to car stereo you will hear music through your car speaker. It will refresh your mind from boring long drive. Now, the question comes to all is how to connect iPhone to the car stereo to hear music from car speaker. There are two ways to connect iPhone to the car stereo and they are-

How To Connect Your iPhone To Your Car Stereo

  • If the car stereo has an auxiliary jack, labeled as AUX and looks like a headphone jack, on the front of your car stereo you just need a 1/8″ to 1/8″ stereo TRS cable. Now connect one end to the headphone jack and the other end to your car stereo AUX jack. Now change the source on your stereo to AUX jack. This is enough to connect iPhone to the car stereo.
  • Secondly by removing existing factory radio from car stereo and installing ‘iSimple’ in the car you can connect iphone with your car stereo. The installing process is not quite difficult and it will take just nearly one hour to install and one can easily install ‘iSimple’ following guidebook. By using this ‘iSimple’ one can easily connect iphone with car stereo.

By following these simple two steps one can easily connect iPhone with the car stereo and enjoy his journey or driving by hearing music or songs. When connect iPhone to car stereo you are ready for hearing music through your existing car stereo. You can also receive phone calls from your car when connects the iPhone to the car stereo. At present most new cars have facilities for ‘Bluetooth hands-free calling systems’ and ‘USB ports’ which work with IOS devices. These two systems connect iPhone to the car stereo and help for phone calls and music.

Apart from these systems, there is also some car stereo deck (like Oxygen Audio O Car stereo deck) which turns iPhone to the car stereo. This deck acts as an iPhone to the car stereo and allows users to regulate all the regular car stereo functions such as volume and tuning, internet radio station apps, GPS navigation and anything else. So, to enjoy your journey with your family or with your friends uses iPhone to your car just as a music system and receive phone calls, chat with your friends from your car by simply using the benefits of modern technology.

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