How To Connect Bluetooth Device With Windows 7 Computer?

People encounter various problems while they are accessing windows 7. It does not mean that, windows 7 is not up to the mark. I would say that, you cannot find any other better operating system than windows 7. But at times, newer users of windows may feel difficult to understand the things associated with the OS or the operating system may not support some softwares loaded on the device.

Paring up the Bluetooth device with windows 7 computers might sound easy, but it is not that easy, at the same time not difficult too.  Easy or difficult depends on how you are going to make the connections between your Bluetooth device and computer.

Ahead making the connections on, you have to make sure either you are going to connect the device, with inbuilt Bluetooth functionality or using Bluetooth dongle. The connections using Bluetooth dongle and inbuilt functionality are not same. Both have some differences in the way of connection. Besides this, you have to have a dynamic broadband connection and turn on your Bluetooth connection on your device.

How To Connect Bluetooth Device With Windows 7 Computer

Pairing Up The Device Using Bluetooth Dongle

  • Foremost, you have to plug in the Bluetooth dongle into the USB port of your windows 7 system.
  • Once, after, the play windows will open up and you have to encounter the Bluetooth device.
  • Once the Bluetooth device is recognized, you have to install the accurate and precise driver software required for it.
  • Once the software is installed successfully, you can get to see the green ticks showing that the device driver installation is done.
  • Then, you have to click “next” button two times and exit the window by clicking “finish” button.
  • Click on the start button and in the start explore menu, you have to type “Bluetooth” and click enter.
  • You have to click to add a Bluetooth device.
  • Wait until, the windows search for active devices.
  • Among the various devices encountered, you have to find out your Bluetooth device by its name. You can share and transfer files from Bluetooth to windows and windows to Bluetooth.

Pairing Up The Device Using Inbuilt Bluetooth

  • Foremost, you have to click on the start menu and choose devices and printer option that is addressable on the right side of the menu.
  • Right click the icon and choose device installation settings. The device installation settings will automatically install the needed device driver software.
  • This process should be done without fail. Otherwise, you cannot install the device driver software.
  • In the start search tab, you have to type “devicepairingwizard” and then click enter.
  • The wizard will show you all the devices, among that, you have to choose yours.
  • That is it; your Bluetooth is connected now.

Depending on the behaviors of your windows 7 computer, you can use either way to pair up your Bluetooth device with windows 7 PC. The connection process is not time consuming. So, you can get that done within some minutes.

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